Happy Halloween!

Quite frankly, I wasn’t planning to do anything for Halloween this year. Some years ago, when little trick-or-treaters came trotting down our street for the first time, we had been totally unprepared. As we didn’t have a stash of chocolate or sweeties to hand out as treats, I confess that we turned off all the…

As Cape Town is battered by a severe hailstorm, we build our first-ever little hailman!

It was a very wet weekend in Cape Town, with torrential downpours blocking stormwater drains, flooding streets and causing dams to form at the side of the road. Gale force winds tore the limbs off trees and carelessly scattered them everywhere.

This afternoon, it suddenly felt as though the temperature had plummeted another couple of degrees. And then the hail began to fall.

Walking around with Flat Kathy: An introduction to a magical world?

It is not easy to walk around with Flat Kathy.

For all strangers, or rather, people whom Flat Kathy hasn’t yet demanded I introduce her to, she is simply a sheet of sunshine yellow paper on a stick. With a couple of buttons and some woolly hair sewn on. She is, I freely admit it, “a bit odd”.

Flat Kathy’s new blog is flourishing

It was only a couple of days ago, that I told you about our visitor from overseas – Flat Kathy. She arrived here from Nova Scotia, Canada, last Friday.

She immediately asked me to help her create a blog for her: http://flatkathy.wordpress.com/. And much to my amazement, she has been a prolific writer, having just published her 21st post. At first, she was keeping me very busy with all her dictation, but now I just switch on the laptop for her, and let her tappity-tappity away as much as she likes.

Very Belatedly – Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of January 2013 already. I feel like the previous year ended with a gallop and the new year started with a sprint, and it’s all left me a little out of breath.

Thanks to a couple of quiet days, I am starting to work through a backlog of photos and blogposts that have been waiting on the sidelines to be written and edited, and for me to click the ‘Publish’ button.