Edward T Bear is home again!

The miracle we were hoping for has happened.

Edward T Bear – together with hubby’s suitcase – had gone missing somewhere between Santiago (Chile), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Thankfully, they (well, the suitcase…) were located, and soon made their way home. The prodigal bear was welcomed home with much cheering!

Edward T Bear is missing! Or: Did LAN Lose It?

Hubby travelled to Chile in April 2014, in order to visit the Atacama Large Milimetre Array (ALMA) Telescope in the high mountains of northern Chile. He had a great time, met some friendly people, and even experienced an earthquake! It certainly made the trip a memorable one!

But the main reason why we will never forget this trip is that, when hubby finally reached OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, after more than 24 hours of travelling, he was dismayed to find that his suitcase (containing a certain Edward T Bear) had not returned with him. 😦

It’s been very busy on Flat Kathy’s blog

While my blog has been rather quiet for the last few months, Flat Kathy’s blog has seen a flurry of posts and updates. If you haven’t yet popped on over there to read about her latest exploits and adventures, please do. She’s a friendly, sunshiny kind of gal.

Things have been a little quiet at home since she flew to England with our friendly neighbours a couple of weeks ago. In fact, we’re missing her so much that we’re going to go and visit her there.

Walking around with Flat Kathy: An introduction to a magical world?

It is not easy to walk around with Flat Kathy.

For all strangers, or rather, people whom Flat Kathy hasn’t yet demanded I introduce her to, she is simply a sheet of sunshine yellow paper on a stick. With a couple of buttons and some woolly hair sewn on. She is, I freely admit it, “a bit odd”.

Flat Kathy’s new blog is flourishing

It was only a couple of days ago, that I told you about our visitor from overseas – Flat Kathy. She arrived here from Nova Scotia, Canada, last Friday.

She immediately asked me to help her create a blog for her: http://flatkathy.wordpress.com/. And much to my amazement, she has been a prolific writer, having just published her 21st post. At first, she was keeping me very busy with all her dictation, but now I just switch on the laptop for her, and let her tappity-tappity away as much as she likes.

Looking back on an exciting year of being published!

Last year, I wrote and submitted a number of articles to the Pinelands Muse community magazine and the Reserve Force Volunteer magazine, as well as the Equestrian Express and the Sawubona in-flight magazine of South African Airways, our national carrier. In order to update my CV at the start of January, I compiled a list, which I thought I’d share with you, in case you are curious.