Wanted: Looking for a mate!


Virile male with healthy genes (non-GM),
willing to provide seed material for breeding purposes.

And these perfect blossoms, bursting with vitality

Look at these perfect blossoms, just bursting with vitality!

“I am a young, strong and fertile female from a good home, with well-established roots, a good support structure behind me and with a (more or less) regular irrigation supply.

I survived the worst hailstorm that Cape Town has ever seen, even though the hard hailstones stripped off most of my leaves.

I grew back, stronger than ever, and am yearning to bear fruit.

Please, if you live in the Pinelands area, and if you happen to have a male pawpaw tree in your garden, contact me!

Quick – send me a bee-mail!”

(Click on any of the photos below to access the image caroussel with captions)

10 thoughts on “Wanted: Looking for a mate!

    • Oh dear… I know nothing about cycads – Does a female cycad produce fruit? What do they look like? How are they normally pollinated? Can you go to Kirstenbosch and ask for the male whatever it is they need? 😀

    • It’s the other way around, Otto – we have a female pawpaw tree, not a male one. In the meantime, amazingly and miraculously, our pawpaw tree has started developing a couple of fruits! I shall post some pictures soon.

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