A blog overhaul

I have not been very active on my Grains of Sand blog in recent months. Even my Finding Frohsinn photo-a-day blog has had an extended nap. Only Flat Kathy is still sharing her fantastical adventures around the world.

I have decided to give my blog a theme overhaul, by trying out the Expound theme. I like the option of creating a Front Page, where I can highlight certain categories or my favourite posts. And I really like the Featured Posts functionality.

But during the transition period, things are unfortunately a little messy.

Adverts on my Blog? Be-Gone!

A blogfriend brought it to my attention a while back that WordPress.com does (occasionally? all the time? I really don’t know) allow adverts to appear on our free WordPress.com-hosted blogs. As I am always logged in, I never see these adverts, so I had not given it much thought. Tonight, though, as I happened to…

I made it into the People’s Post and onto the Reserve Force Division website!

Yep, two recent articles I wrote have appeared in the People’s Post and on the Reserve Force Division website. The People’s Post is a weekly community newspaper, of which several editions are published around the Cape Peninsula, with content tailored to the different neighbourhoods. The Reserve Force Division is part of the South African National…

10,000 page views!!!

In January this year, I crossed the 3,000 page views threshold on this blog (see post). Today, I am thrilled to say, that I have crossed the 10,000 page views threshold! So I would like to thank every single one of my regular readers, as well as all those who occasionally pop in for a…