Storytelling at the Circle of Life Tea with Aviva Pelham

The Children’s Hospital Trust held their annual Morning Tea at Kelvin Grove on 24 May 2017. It was such an inspiring and uplifting morning!

This year, we listened to the following speakers: Dr Roux Martinez told us about the challenging work done in the Burns Unit at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. She alone has worked with over 11,000 patients (all children) over the last years. The Hospital is the only dedicated paediatric burns specialist unit in Africa.

Thereafter, well-known South African entertainer and singer Aviva Pelham had us all spell-bound with some extracts of her mother’s extraordinary life story: “Santa’s Story” was turned into a one-woman stage play and has thus far seen runs in South Africa, Germany, Finland, and England.

The Gift of Giving: Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations

15 June 1956 was the day on which the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital first opened its doors.

60 years later to the day, the Children’s Hospital Trust invited supporters, patrons, donors, friends and staff members of the Hospital to a special High Tea at Kelvin Grove in Newlands in celebration of that important event.

The two main speakers were Emeritus Professor Jenny Thomas, recently retired head of Paediatric Anaesthesia, and Braam Malherbe – extreme adventurer, conservationist, youth developer and international motivational speaker.

Honoring the veterans who founded the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital: Remembrance Day 2015

On 11 November 2015, the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch held their special Remembrance Day service, in honour of the war veterans and servicemen who played such an instrumental part in the establishment of this wonderful hospital. The hospital’s name – containing the words “War Memorial” – already gives a clue that…

A delightful morning tea at Kelvin Grove with the Circle of Life legacy programme

On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, I joined my friends Glynnis and Max of the Pinelands Muse (our monthly community magazine) at another delightful event organised by the Children’s Hospital Trust: it was the annual morning tea for supporters, patrons, donors, and friends of the Circle of Life legacy programme.

Tea, Talks and a Tour at Vergelegen with the Children’s Hospital Trust

At the start of October 2014, I spent a delightful morning at the historic wine estate of Vergelegen on the outskirts of Somerset West. The Children’s Hospital Trust, which is the fundraising arm of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch had invited supporters, donors and benefactors to a relaxing mid-morning tea at the estate. The Trust often holds such events, usually at beautiful venues and with interesting guest speakers; on this occasion, it was military historian and author Willem Steenkamp.

Afterwards, we were given a guided tour of some of the magnificent gardens at Vergelegen by Richard Arm, the very knowledgeable manager of the gardens. What an incredible place – I definitely want to return here!

Toys and games for the young patients of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

I attended a Youth Day event in June 2014 that reminded me again why I love to support the Cape Town Rifles (Dukes) and worthwhile causes like the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

That day, boxes of soft toys, pretty dolls, stimulating board games and card games, colourful puzzles and learning games, and helpful items of clothing, all donated by members and friends of the Regiment and the South African Legion, were handed over to the Hospital.

An inspiring morning tea with Premier Helen Zille and the Children’s Hospital Trust

On 22 October 2013, I had a thoroughly inspiring tea with the Premier of the Western Cape Province, Helen Zille, at the elegant Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel on the Foreshore. Well, sort of. The tea with the Premier bit, I mean.

The function, which was organised by the Children’s Hospital Trust, was a delightful Morning Tea at which Premier Helen Zille was the keynote speaker. The topic of her talk was the valuable contribution of the ‘elders’ to the community.

A new Centre to tackle Childhood Infectious Diseases at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

On 22 August 2012, a ‘ground-breaking’ ceremony organised by the Children’s Hospital Trust (CHT) took place at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch to celebrate the fact that they had raised enough funds to begin construction on a new Centre for Childhood Infections Diseases on the Hospital campus.

In solemn celebration of our fallen heroes: Remembrance Day at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Update: An article I wrote about this event was published on the Reserve Force Division website. Here is the PDF document. On Friday, 11 November 2011, military dignitaries in their regimental uniforms gathered on the premises of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch, to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of wars…