A mid-week getaway to the mountains of Swellendam

At the end of May, we spent a couple of days at the delightful Somerset Gift Getaway Farm, tucked away in a narrow little valley at the foothills of the Langeberge, just outside Swellendam.

I have finally written up the story of our stay there, with plenty of pictures, and I hope you’ll enjoy clicking and reading your way through all 7 posts.

Here they are, in chronological order:

  1. Swellendam, here we come! (Part I)
  2. A river ramble to Baboon Kloof with a happy dog (Part II)
  3. Lunch in gaol, a berry liqueur tasting, and yawning horses (Part III)
  4. A challenging hike to waterfalls and rock pools in the mountains (Part IV)
  5. A new friend, a short canoe trip, and happy horses (Part V)
  6. Across Tradouw Pass to Barrydale (Part VI)
  7. Homeward bound via Cogmans Kloof Pass and Du Toits Kloof Pass (Part VII)

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “A mid-week getaway to the mountains of Swellendam

  1. Hi Reggie – wanted to let you know that I have been here, checking in. It will take me some time to work my way through these posts, but I will do it eventually! I found the hike photos very interesting, so I’m sure I will have fun looking through these.

    • Hello Karma – yes, I suppose I was going a bit overboard with all these write-ups and photos, but it was such fun! (Both the hiking and the adventuring AND the writing about it afterwards :-)).

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