Our Donkey Adoption Certificate has arrived!


Donkey adoption certificate

We are now the proud adoptive parents of a gorgeous four-legged, long-eared, snuggle-furry donk named, well, Donkey.

I am soooo chuffed.

In addition to the certificate, we also received a report about our new furry friend, a beautiful handpainted card, a useful bookmark, a bumper sticker (which I am sticking on my car), and a recent photo of Donkey.

Our gift pack

If you don’t know whom I am raving about, go and read this post about our visit to the peaceful Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary just outside McGregor.

Better yet, go and visit them ASAP, and get chosen by a donkey yourselves! 😉 And then tell me which one captured your heart!

7 thoughts on “Our Donkey Adoption Certificate has arrived!

  1. Hi Reggie, I had a donkey in then Southern rhodesia, when I was very small, I paid two shillings for him, from a young Picanin, and loved him dearly. Beautifull creatures!
    good on you for adopting one. Regards Pauline.

    • Thanks, Pauline. I agree with you, donkeys are beautiful creatures, although they tend to get rather bad press for being stubborn and difficult. I’d love to hear more about your childhood donkey! 🙂

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