An unforgettable birthday weekend in the Riviersonderend Mountains

On Friday, 16 July 2010, we headed in the direction of McGregor for an extended weekend away in the Riviersonderend mountains, to celebrate my birthday (and that of Madiba) on 18 July. We stayed in a little Kliphuisie (or stone cottage) at Onverwacht Flora, a mountain top farm near the famous Boesmanskloof trail between Greyton and McGregor.

This is the story of our weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy clicking your way through these posts:

  1. From Cape Town to Onverwacht (Part I)
  2. Exploring the surroundings of our Kliphuisie (Part II)
  3. A hike into the depths of the river valley (Part III)
  4. A visit to the peaceful Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary (Part IV)
  5. Exploring the unfinished road at Die Galg (Part V)

15 thoughts on “An unforgettable birthday weekend in the Riviersonderend Mountains

  1. Reggie
    What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Excellent company and the experience you had, the things you did, places you visited and those quiet moments to reflect on and absorb all the pleasures is simply unforgettable. More people should do that to get away from their daily routine and stress. I believe that an adventure like you had reconnects us with our inner self, restores the balance and energize us to tackle life head on again. And adoption a donkey, what a wonderful idea!! Modern society does not know the value of donkeys as our grandfathers and fathers knew and experienced. For me, recognising the donkey is the same as recognising famous old mountain passes, famous old bridges and old buildings.
    Well done and thank you once again for sharing your wonderful world with us.

    • Hi Johan,

      thank you for those warm words, they are much appreciated. You encapsulated things very well, and I hope you’ve also learned something new about our wonderful country. 🙂

      And I hope that more people will be inspired to adopt one of the donkeys at the sanctuary, as it’s really a worthwhile cause to support. Quite apart from that, it does give one a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  2. Happy, happy birthday to you Reggie.
    I loved reading about your getaway weekend. I spent a lovely few days at Temenos a few years ago but that has been my only visit to McGregor. So nice to learn more about the area and hear about your walks. I’d love to visit there sometime.
    I’m heading off to Swellendam next weekend (a much-needed break). I’ll be visiting my brother and hopefully do some walking (if the weather plays along, and if my brother’s knee injury is better). I’ve gone back to your posts about Somerset Gift – if time allows we’re going to explore there a bit too!

    • Thank you, Helen. 😀

      I hope you have a FABULOUS time in Swellendam – there is a LOT to explore there too, so I’m sure your days will be just packed full of adventures. And if you do drive as far as McGregor sometime, pop in at the Donkey Sanctuary, I’m sure you’ll love it.

  3. Reggie, how wonderful that you experienced such a beautiful birthday weekend! By the way, what day is your actual birthday? Don’t know if I missed seeing it. Am suddenly wondering if our birthdays might be the same. Mine is July 20th…

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