Movie review: “Ratatouille”

We have just finished watching “Ratatouille”, a very funny and sweet animated movie by Pixar.

It is about Rémy, a rat with a particularly sensitive nose, who dreams of becoming a chef. It is set in Paris, and revolves around the activities in a French restaurant called “Gusteau’s”. Apparently, Gusteau was THE greatest French chef, and his motto was the enthusiastic “Everyone can cook!”

Rémy ends up in said restaurant and develops a strange symbiotic relationship with a youngster called Alfredo Linguini, who seems to have no natural culinary talent, despite the fact that he turns out to be Gusteau’s son. As a result of Rémy’s promptings (tugging Alfredo’s hair this way and that), they learn how to work together to create some fabulous meals.

In addition to some nail-biting action and chase scenes, there are also instances of budding romance, with Alfredo falling in love with the sole female chef in the kitchen.

And LOTS of inspirational slicing, dicing, chopping, tossing, sprinkling, stirring – creating dishes that made my mouth water with longing.


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