Curry and chocochino among the chickens

Today was another unseasonably warm and glorious blue-sky day in Cape Town. Not a day for staying inside if one could help it.

My sentiments were clearly shared by hundreds of other commuters who decided to leave work at lunchtime and head home on the N2. The reason for this mass exodus? The 1st of May tomorrow is a public holiday, and the government has kindly given us another day off, thus creating a second long weekend.

I kidnapped Richard from his place of work and we went to have lunch at our favourite neighbourhood farmstall, the Millstone in Oude Molen Ecovillage (previous visit). The place was very quiet this time around. On Sunday, there’d been a colourful and noisy children’s party, and on a previous occasion a local drumming teacher had decided to park his kiddies’ class right underneath the big treehouse-tree, so we had free entertainment. 🙂

I was particularly taken by this lonesome hen, which stalked around among the rustic wooden tables, pecking hungrily at invisible crumbs and seeds that had fallen down. A big cockerel on the other side of the fence repeatedly crowed that it was time to get up… or something.

A lonesome hen

Hubby wisely chose a sensible combination of a triangular piece of pizza that had been labelled a “spicey slice” (he reported that it wasn’t spicey at all… maybe one of the kids swapped the labels around with my dish?) and a pot of tea.

I, in retrospect somewhat foolishly, chose the sensitive-tummy-challenging combination of a big slice of curried vegetable quiche on puff pastry combined with a mixed salad, and a big mug of chocochino. Each on its own would have been WOOOOOWWWW!! Together…. they have left me feeling rather queasy.

But as they were both utterly delicious, I am definitely going to have them again.

Just not together.

A delicious lunch

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