Movie review: “Georgia Rule”

I was facing a lonely night without my hubby, made worse by 2-and-a-half hours of load-shedding from 20h00 to 22h30.  

Definitely a good reason to watch a DVD. And thank goodness for laptops with batteries.

But it’s not easy choosing a movie

  1. that we haven’t seen before (a sad indictment of our social life),
  2. that hubby won’t want to watch, and
  3. NB: that won’t make me jittery on a night when I am alone, it is pitchdark outside and the wind rubbing tree-branches against the window is making me jump out of my skin!

And, of course, it has to be available.

So that’s how I ended up watching “Georgia Rule”, which was definitely a chick-flick. Interestingly, it’s directed by Garry Marshall, who also directed “Beaches”, “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride”, which should give you a clear indication about the mood and general direction of the movie.

The story revolves around the lives of three generations of women:

  • strict and strong-willed grandmother Georgia (played by a pretty good looking Jane Fonda) who lives in a small Mormon town in Idaho (I think it was called Wall or Dull or something similar…);
  • mother Lilly (played by Felicity Huffman), a recovering alcoholic and anxious smoker, who is at her wit’s end with her rebellious teenage daughter and in desperation leaves her with her mother, the one person she never wanted to see again and in the one town she never wanted to visit again;
  • and said rebellious teenage daughter Rachel, beautiful and provocative, but also seriously annoying in an ‘you need a good smack’ kind of way, who is essentially Lindsay Lohan playing herself.

The movie is called “Georgia Rule” because grandmother Georgia lays down the rules according to which people in her house are expected to live. I really liked her tough-love, no-nonsense approach to teaching her granddaughter a sense of morality and to recognise the distinction between truth and lies. 

I quite enjoyed watching the movie, although I gather that I may be alone in that. My regular fount of knowledge declared:

“Reviews of the movie were mostly negative. The film earned a Rotten rating on the website Rotten Tomates… The film also had a low rating on Metacritic…. Georgia Rule was rated the #2 worst movie of 2007 by AOL. The movie received ‘two thumbs down’ from Ebert and Roeper…” (Wikipedia)

But who says that the critics always have to be right?


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2 thoughts on “Movie review: “Georgia Rule”

  1. Hi Reggie

    I just finished reading all your latest posts, from the lions to Georgia Rule. Captivating as always.

    I think its so great that you and Richard take these drives and adventures. I also enjoy getting and exploring the unknown :), maybe we’ll do that this weekend.

    Hope you have a great further long weekend!

  2. Hey Cherona!

    Yes, get out there and explore our incredible city. There is so much that we can see and experience for free.

    For example, when hiking from Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch, you can get FREE entry into the Gardens from the mountain side.

    So pack a picnic and join the many Capetonians who hike or walk their dogs in the forest.

    The more of the good people are out on the mountain, the safer we will all be from the bad people. 🙂

    And check out for some great ideas.

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