Movie review: “Stardust”

If you like fantasy adventures, you will probably love “Stardust”.

And the medieval romantic angle (dashing young man on a courageous quest to rescue buxom beauty from evil witch and beastly wanna-be heir-to-the-throne) should really appeal to those who grew up on fairytales and stories of magic.

It is based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, and is set in the appropriately named old English village of Wall, which is located near an ancient stone wall that separates England from a wild fantasy kingdom called Stormhold where magic is part of the everyday.

The movie stars some of the following:

  • Charlie Cox (as the heroic Tristan Thorn),
  • Claire Danes (as the gorgeous star Yvaine who falls to earth),
  • David Kelly (as the old codger who protects the entrance to the kingdom of Stormhold – remember him from “Waking Ned”?),
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (as the ageing and rather frightening witch Lamia),  
  • Peter O’Toole (as the dying king of Stormhold who has seven ruthless sons, each of whom wants to become the new ruler), and
  • Robert de Niro (as pirate Captain Shakespeare who is not all he seems to be).

This is the official website – and only read the Wikipedia article after you’ve seen the movie, or it’ll spoil the plot for you.  And if you want to read more about a tousle-haired and kinda cute looking Neil Gaiman, check out his blog. He actually takes the time to reply to reader’s letters which is pretty amazing.


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