Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: A summary of the links

Update: An article I wrote about this event was published on the Reserve Force Division website. Here is the PDF document.

Now that I have finished uploading all the best of my photos, I thought I’d give you a summary page with all the blog links relating to the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010. I hope that you will enjoy clicking your way through them.

Most of the pages now have a gallery of the photos, so that you can click on and open the different photos. If you would like higher resolution copies of any of the pictures, please drop me a line, and I shall send them to you. 🙂

In the months leading up to the Tattoo:

1. Social Function at Castle
2. Bookings open for CT Mil Tattoo 2010
3. Media launch for CT Mil Tattoo 2010

Behind the scenes and during the rehearsals:

4. Behind the scenes at CT Mil Tattoo 2010
5. Tattoo Rehearsals – Part 1
6. Tattoo Rehearsals – Part 2
7. Tattoo Rehearsals – Part 3
8. Tattoo Rehearsals – Part 4

During the Tattoo:

9. End of the 2010 Cape Town Military Tattoo
10. Prelude by Dukes and Sea Cadets
11. Closing the Castle
12. Muskets and Cannons
13. The First Muster
14. WP SMDEA Drill Squad
15. Rwandan Army Band
16. SAPS Mounted Unit
17. Curro School Drum Majorettes
18. SA Army Band Cape Town
19. 3 Medical Battalion Group
20. The Mock Attack
21. The Massed Pipe Bands
22. Celtic Dance Tapestry
23. SA Army Band KwaZulu Natal
24. 1812 Overture
25. The Final Muster and the Lone Piper

Other websites with photos:


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