A wonderful Cape Town Military Tattoo Matinee performance at the Castle

The Castle of Good Hope opened its doors to several energetic youth groups, who performed together with the military bands – SA Army Band Cape Town, SA Air Force Band, SA Navy Band and SAMHS Band – and two of the pipe bands that have been performing during the Cape Town Military Tattoo – the Cape Field Artillery P&D and the SAMHS P&D.

By mid-morning, already, eager spectators were arriving to take their seats on the stands and watch the rehearsals – despite the absolutely baking sun. After lunch, the matinee began! The spectators showed their appreciation by vigorously applauding and cheering each of the youth groups.

Here are a couple of photos for you.

11 thoughts on “A wonderful Cape Town Military Tattoo Matinee performance at the Castle

    • Looking at those youngsters marching around in the scorching sunshine, with such focus and determination, as their supporters on the stands cheered for them – oh, it felt so uplifting. I also saw them behind the scenes, laughing and cracking jokes and running around exuberantly, despite the fact that it was hot, and they had to wear uniforms, and were no doubt getting a bit hungry and thirsty until their meals arrived (ah! the boundless energy of the young! sigh… :-)) – and then I saw them waiting patiently and obediently for the show to begin, like professional performers who were taking this seriously. Very inspiring!

  1. Reggie, brilliant article. I am the parent of one of the youngsters at Dennegeur Primary School marching squad. They really and truly enjoy what they do, I’ve seen those guys stand in pouring rain on attention, when they done, there’s always a smiles, laughter or jokes going around. I take my head off to their instructor/teacher for giving up his time to make a difference in their lives, without sponsors or backing.

    • Hello Shafiq – how wonderful to hear from one of the parents of the squad. I must say, I was very impressed with the youngsters. They must have been boiling in their uniforms in that heat, and probably a bit thirsty and hungry too, but they remained focused and disciplined, and displayed such confidence and good humour. They’re a credit to their school. I will be posting some more pictures soon of the matinee.

  2. A wonderful 2013 CT Military Tattoo – an excellent performance! As the music trainer of High Brass Field Band – I’m honoured and very proud of them. A big thank you for the opportunity. It was an experience that would certainly assist in our preparations for the 2014 World Championships in Brazil. Vivienne

    • Hello Vivienne – how lovely to hear from you, thank you for leaving a comment. I also saw your band performing at the Vygieskraal event too (have a look here). Best of luck with your preparations for the World Championships!

      • Hi Reggie. Thanks for the High Brass pics and thanks for your involvement in community – it’s efforts like these that will change lives. Carry on with the good work.

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