A sign … of what, I wonder

This morning when I arrived at work, one of the cleaning ladies on our floor was sticking a notice to each of the toilet doors. The notice had been neatly printed out in black capital letters, highly visible from afar.

It said:

“Don’t use this toilets.
There are no water.”

I asked her, “What do you mean by ‘there are no water’?”

She replied, “There are no water. The builders is working on the tank on the roof.”

My inner grammarian cringed. I should add that I work at a UNIVERSITY – an institution of higher learning… one would think.

I am a little doubtful that our friendly cleaning lady would have typed up this note herself, as I am fairly sure that she has neither a PC nor a printer. Which means that one of the secretaries in this building had typed up and printed this notice … without noticing TWO obvious and glaring grammatical faults in two miniscule sentences.

The mind boggles…

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