Waiting impatiently for 14h30

On Saturday, we took Tuffy-Cat to the V-E-T.

Like her human own(ed)ers, our cat does not go gladly to the Uncle Doctor for her annual check-up and necessary shots. But to her HUGE credit, she does not mutate into a hissing, spitting, clawing and yowling whirligig. Yes, her claws do come out, and she does use them to hold firmly onto hubby’s shirt when he places her inside the dreaded wire cage. But then she calmly accepts her fate.

And even more to her credit, she forgives us afterwards.

If I was her, I might have disappeared for a day or two to lick my wounds, and to do my best to remove that horrid sticky worm and flea ointment from my fur! But, bless her beautiful heart, she stays close by our side, purring affectionately.

Tuffy absorbing the sun

Saturday’s visit to the vet was decidedly unpleasant.

The doctor gave her two jabs, both of which caused her to wriggle with outright terror, digging her claws into my poor husband. She almost went crazy with fear when the scary man in the white coat tried to open her mouth to ‘inject’ the worm tablet and to check her teeth (which is why we have given up on doing either of those ourselves). He applied an ointment equivalent of the worm tablet to the top of her head instead.

However, during the very brief tooth examination, he noticed that she has gingivitis and that her teeth need to be cleaned. Hopefully, he won’t have to extract any!

As she won’t let us near her mouth with a toothbrush – although she, bizarrely, enjoys watching US brush our teeth in the evening – this diagnosis didn’t entirely come as a surprise. In June last year, she lost one of her canines (see Kitty crisis and Kitty crisis averted), so she only has two left (she’d lost the first one before she moved in with us). So we realise that it is vitally important to look after her remaining teeth!

The vet suggested we buy a packet of Hills Science Diet T/Ds, which are designed to clean our kitty’s dental equipment. (I’m pleased to say that she seems to have taken an immediate liking to these.)

And that we bring her in ASAP for an under-anaesthetic teeth-cleaning.

Which is why our poor little furball was delivered to the V-E-T early this morning, when she had just about woken up, and why I am now waiting impatiently for 14h30 to come around, so that I can take her home again.

Without her, the house is soooo empty.

Tuffy in one of her favourite sunny-shady spots

2 thoughts on “Waiting impatiently for 14h30

  1. A cat-less house has an enormous void in it, doesn’t it? Last December, when I returned home after delivery Chocolat to the Cats’ Holiday Camp (who are we kidding ? its the c-a-t-t-e-r-y) my house was SO empty and SO quiet, and I felt SO lonely …. ridiculous ! but that’s what these furry creatures do to their owners.

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