Testing a new WordPress Feature: Posting by Email

A couple of days ago, WordPress surprised us with the creation of a new feature: posting by email (see their support page). I duly followed the steps to enable post-by-email and obtained a special email address to which my posts must be sent.

They promise:

“You can send email from any email client, whether in a browser, on your desktop, or from your cell phone, and as much formatting will be retained as possible.

Attachments are not left out, and your images will be included and automatically converted into thumbnails. If you include multiple images they’ll be converted into an attractive gallery. Now you can take photos anywhere and have them appear on your blog in moments.”

That sounds brilliant, so of course I just have to try it.

Here’s a picture I took of the sky one autumn day last week. I just love the texture of the clouds, which remind me of hundreds of little sheep being herded across the sky. And I also love the fact that, as I took the photo, a flock of brilliantly white racing doves, which seem to live somewhere in a nearby street, suddenly flew past.

Autumn sky

Autumn sky

I wonder what it will look like on my blog. 🙂

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