Sacred Elephant is coming to New York City in September 2013!

Residents (and September visitors) of New York City – you are soooo lucky! It is sure to be an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Sacred Elephant, the beautifully lyrical and heart-stirring dramatic monologue by Heathcote Williams that has been transformed into a one-man stage play by director Geoffrey Hyland and talented actor Jeremy Crutchley, is coming to New York City.

Magnificent Sacred Elephant: Jeremy Crutchley brings Heathcote Williams’ epic poem to life at the Intimate Theatre

I’m sure that one-person plays must be particularly challenging for an actor. The success – or failure – of the entire performance rests solely on your shoulders. No one helps you to weave that spell on your audience, ever-so-gently guiding your viewers to bond with the characters you are portraying onstage. It is solely up…