Walking around with Flat Kathy: An introduction to a magical world?

It is not easy to walk around with Flat Kathy.

For all strangers, or rather, people whom Flat Kathy hasn’t yet demanded I introduce her to, she is simply a sheet of sunshine yellow paper on a stick. With a couple of buttons and some woolly hair sewn on. She is, I freely admit it, “a bit odd”.

Looking back on a Whirlwind Week in Cape Town

My goodness, what a whirlwind of a week this has been! We picked up mom-in-law Lissi (visiting us from Windhoek, Namibia) from Cape Town International Airport last Saturday, and spent a leisurely afternoon at home, giving her some time to relax before launching into a jam-packed program of activities.

A scrumptious apple blossom cupcake at the most enchanting tea garden in the deepest south

Preamble “Hm, I’m not sure I want to tell everyone about this delightful place,” I remarked to Tuffy-Cat who was helping me to choose the photos for today’s blog(s) by climbing all over the keyboard and inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately? with cats, who knows…) clicking keystroke combinations that could’ve re-booted my computer. “If I do,…