And that’s a wrap, folks


The friendly crew from Gearhouse and All Access are scurrying up and down the scaffolding like squirrels to take apart the giant jigsaw puzzle

With the final night of the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015 sadly behind us, I took a drive through to the Castle this morning, an obliging Mom in tow, to get some ‘after’ pictures – having taken some ‘before’ pictures just over a week ago. See It’s Getting Real, Constructing the Jigsaw Puzzle, and Seating, Lighting & Flooring.

I always enjoy taking these kinds of pictures.

The Mess Tent in the rear arena, which had been buzzing with activity this last week, was already almost dismantled. The interlocking floorboards were being carted off to the trucks waiting outside Sally Port.

WO1 Shawn Boehme and his crew from 3 Electrical Workshop had already taken down their lights at the crack of dawn, it seemed to me, and rolled up their miles of cables, and were now busy packing their vehicles for the long trip back to Wonderboom.

Hello, my dapper little orange forklift! You're my favourite!

Hello, my dapper little orange forklift! You’re my favourite!

The friendly crew from Gearhouse and All Access were back in the front arena, scurrying up and down the scaffolding like squirrels, taking the giant jigsaw puzzle apart piece by piece, and arranging it all in neat piles. The dapper little orange forklift (my favourite… I don’t know why, but I’ve had a soft spot for it ever since I first met it a few years ago) and his pale green brother were putputputting hither and thither, effortlessly and diligently lifting heavy weights and ferrying them through the main Castle entrance and to the huge trucks waiting outside.

A van was just about to cart away the special carpet tiles that had covered the floor this year, and the wooden floorboards and their supports and ramps had already been removed and were now sorted into large piles on the grass.

Oh… the grass… yeah… it doesn’t look so great at the moment. It’s going to need a lot of water and sunshine and fertilizer. On that note, I think perhaps we should get the flocks of resident Egyptian geese to return to the Castle, so that they can do what geese like to do… graze and poop. 😉

For the rest of today, and for the coming days, perhaps even weeks, my job as one of the team of Tattoo photographers continues… there are several thousands of photos to sort through, choose and discard, edit and tweak, reduce, post online, write about and distribute via the various channels. I’ll post some more here, as I finish the various batches.

Enjoy the pics!

4 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap, folks

    • Ahh, Richard, it’s the highlight of my year. It’s jolly hard work and there’s always lots of drama and stuff going on, but it’s also such an adrenaline rush and so wonderful to see friends again and make new ones, that all the aching muscles, exhaustion and sleep deprivation pale into insignificance. I’m sure you know that feeling from your own theatre shows, which have a much longer runtime than our Tattoo – the Tattoo is only for a couple of days.

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