Vantage points

After a beautiful and moving Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in Heerengracht Street, central Cape Town, I headed through to the Castle of Good Hope for the glass of ice-cold lemonade that a certain friendly captain of the Dukes had promised me in exchange for some photos I/we had taken at the Parade.

From Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 November 2015, the Castle will be the venue of the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015 (see the official website here) – definitely one of the highlights on the Mother City’s social events calendar.

I wanted to take some photos from the seating stands because I was curious to see what kinds of views the spectators would have from up top. And let me tell you – the views from just about everywhere are spectacular. And seriously, who wouldn’t be impressed by such a magnificent backdrop – the iconic triplet of Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head? So, if you are worried about where to sit and which seats will be the best, do not worry – as long as you are there at the show, anywhere is good!

You can book your seats online at Computicket here:

5 thoughts on “Vantage points

  1. Stunning and like you say that backdrop is amazing. Blue sky shots are also very welcome here, we didn’t need ice cold lemonade after our Remembrance Day event, pounding rain and black skies are the order of the day here!!

    • Thanks Truels… I realise that not all my readers/followers will be as passionate as I am about the Tattoo, but it’s one of the definite highlights of each year. And each year, it’s been different, with different challenges to overcome and different joys and triumphs. It’s definitely a very intense experience!

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