Constructing the jigsaw puzzle

The front parade ground of the Castle of Good Hope has been transformed into a giant Meccano set in the last two days. It’s all in preparation for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015, which is taking place here next week, from Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 November 2015.

Looking down the centre line again - an impressive sight!

Looking down the centre line again – an impressive sight!

I popped in again this morning, Mom in tow after an appointment in town, to see what progress had been made since yesterday. I was stunned. What an incredible sight!

The extensive renovations of the Castle that I wrote about here (Our majestic old Castle is getting a makeover) are in full swing, so there are still sections cordoned off all over the place, where workers with hard hats, solid boots, thick gloves and reflective jackets are busy chiseling, hammering, cleaning, drilling, painting, weatherproofing…

In the middle of the parade ground, the teams from Gearhouse and All Access are busy assembling the seating stands, lighting towers and scaffolding for the Cape Town Military Tattoo – and they were about a third of the way done with the floor! Yes, we are getting a proper floor this year!

That's the floor that is being constructed for us this year

That’s the floor that is being constructed for us this year

You see, the ground on the front arena consists of a mixture of ancient cobbled pathways and lawn, which creates a very uneven surface – that can easily cause stubbed toes, sprained ankles and jarred knees, particularly when having to march in sync while playing a musical instrument and feverishly trying to remember the rehearsed sequence of movements. So this year, we’re doing it differently: we’re getting a nice and solid raised floor. Woo-hoo!

WO1 Boehme and his team from 3 Electrical Workshop have come down from Wonderboom with all their elaborate high-tech lighting equipment – we are hoping that they will once again create magical lighting for us so that we can capture some stunning photos. They have started to mount their lights ontop of the tall lighting towers.

And weaving in and out of all this deurmekaar are tour groups, school groups, and small clusters of visitors who are following the handy Castle maps to self-guide themselves in their exploration of the Castle.

If you have not yet booked your seats at Computicket, please do so QUICK-QUICK! It is going to be a fabulous show, and you don’t want to miss this!

Here is the link:

Now, without further ado, here are the piccies!

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