It’s getting real…

I was down at the Castle of Good Hope for a short visit today, and got a first glimpse of the new arena layout for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015, which will be hosted at the Castle from Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 November 2015.

The intrepid little red forklift is having a short lunchbreak

The intrepid little red forklift is having a short lunch break

The team from Gearhouse – All Access – in their hard hats and reflective yellow jackets, were hard at work assembling the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that will be magically transformed into the seating stands and scaffolding.

The intrepid little forklift that I fondly remember from previous years, was zooting in and out of the Castle’s main entrance, ferrying metal poles and slats and seats hither and thither, placing them in neat piles on the edges of the arena. (I think it may well have a pale green brother – and a cheerful orange one too… unless the colour balance setting on my camera is confusing my eyes.)

The seating stands have a new configuration again this year – which means some exciting new angles for the photographers!

None of the Castle walls are at right angles to each other. The Castle is constructed as a five-pointed star, with a bastion protruding outwards at each of the five points, and an elongated building running at a funny angle across the middle, more or less dividing it into a large front parade ground and a rear parade ground, the latter of which has a couple of additional buildings. Every time I take photos here, the odd perspectives created by the non-rectangles confuse me.

View from the roof with the Captain's Tower, looking straight down the centre line

View from the roof with the Captain’s Tower, looking straight down the centre line towards Stand A – Stands B and C are on the left side, facing the Kat Balcony

The shape of the arena that is being artificially created by means of the seating stands is perfectly rectangular. On one of the short sides of the rectangle, we have Stand A, referred to as the ‘VIP Stand’ because it’s where the VIPs will sit – although there are rows available for us normal folk too. It has its back to the Military Museum and faces the Captain’s Tower on the roof overlooking the front parade ground.

Stands B and C, next to each other on the long side of the rectangle, face Table Mountain/Devil’s Peak and have their back to the main entrance. Through the gap between Stands B and C runs the wonky cobbled pathway that leads from the main entrance to the delightfully ornate Kat Balcony, which should make it easier for the Castle Ceremonial Guard to do their traditional Closing the Castle Ceremony at the beginning of the show.

Unlike last year, the other short side of the rectangle does not have any seating stands this time – although two tall towers were being erected there. I am very curious to see what they are for!

If you have not yet booked your seats at Computicket, please do so QUICK-QUICK! It is going to be a fabulous show, and you don’t want to miss this!

Here is the link:

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