Sunday rehearsals at the Castle

Today was a baking hot summer’s day in Cape Town. At the Castle, there was hardly a breath of wind, and the heat was reflecting off the massive stone walls. The main arena felt like an oven under a cloudless blue sky. Luckily for me (I had forgotten to bring bottles of water), the kiosk at the De Gouverneur Restaurant sold bottled water. According to the weather report, it is supposed to rain for much of tomorrow (Monday), but there was no indication of that today, so perhaps the weathermen have gotten it wrong. All fingers are crossed for excellent weather for the rest of the week!

All the seating stands in the main arena have been assembled, and the various sets of steps attached to the sides. The team from Gearhouse must have worked until quite late yesterday; they did a great job. The various lighting towers and tracks are also finished now, and the guys from 3 Electrical Workshop were busy laying cables and connecting wires.

Several of the pipe bands were rehearsing on the rear field today. This year, we will have six pipe bands: From the Cape Town area, there’ll be the Drums and Pipes of the Cape Town Highlanders, the Pipes and Drums of Cape Field Artillery and of Cape Garrison Artillery. Visitors from further afield will be the Knysna & Districts Pipe Band, the Algoa Caledonian Pipe Band from Port Elizabeth, and 1 Med Pipe Band from Durban. I believe that there will thus be around 100 pipers (!) in the arena. So brace yourselves for an incredible experience!

Here are the pics I took at the Castle today. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to add any captions, because – thanks to another Eskom fiasco, load shedding is imminent in my neighbourhood.



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