The Pinelands Muse leaps into its third year of publication

And Richard becomes famous! 🙂

Since October 2010, a glossy community magazine has popped into our postbox towards the end of each month (I wrote about their first anniversary here). Known as the Pinelands Muse, or just affectionately as ‘The Muse’, it focuses on the comings and goings in the neighbourhoods of Pinelands and Thornton, and it is a wonderful treasure chest of information about the fascinating people who live here and their unusual or exciting occupations, hobbies and travels to near and far.

In Issues 13 to 18, for instance, we met courageous firefighter Robert Stamatiadis and lovely blues singer Charlie King, JP Lugt who overcame serious adversity to run his own olive business, and Grace Priem, the proprietor of Grace’s Place coffee shop in the Howard Centre, and we read about the healing hands of Butch Green, cycle enthusiast Marje Hemp, and chef and Temari ball maker Leo Romer.

We also learned how to make frozen granadilla cheesecake, how to bake special chocolate chip cookies as Christmas decorations, how to bake bread for the braai, and how to conjure up a Caesar salad. And we visited the gardens of Babylonstoren, Greyton in the Overberg, Buffelsfontein nature reserve on the West Coast, the Chart Rose Farm in Wynberg (this was an article I had written – see this post), Boulders Beach and the Noon Day Gun.

Issue 13 (November 2011) to Issue 18 (May 2012)

Issue 13 (November 2011) to Issue 18 (May 2012)

In Issues 19 to 24, we were introduced to, among others, photographer Richard van Ryneveld, Sharon Malherbe, known as ‘the lady with the big dogs’, the artists of the Bobbin Lace Makers, soccer enthusiast Batandwa Ntsebeza, kidney donor Lenora Hammond, gliding instructor Mike Pascoe, endurance cyclist Steve Smith who competed in the Tour d’Afrique, and flamboyant hairdresser Tony Attwood who has been making people look beautiful at the Howard Centre for 30 years.

We also learned how to bake apple and cinnamon muffins, cook a roasted butternut soup that is perfect for winter, toss together a Salad Nicoise, prepare Moroccan couscous, and make some delicious flapjacks for the kids. And we visited the Company’s Gardens and the Tokai Arboretum, enjoyed a garden tour at the Vineyard Hotel, encountered eagles at Spier wine estate, and were introduced to world traveller and lifetime resident of Pinelands, Karin van Blerck. And the article I had written about our trip to America was published in the July edition (Issue no. 20)! 🙂 (See this post.)

Issue 19 (June 2012) to Issue 24 (November 2012)

Issue 19 (June 2012) to Issue 24 (November 2012)

With their February 2013 edition due to arrive shortly, they will have published 26 issues. And all of them entirely free of charge, no doubt thanks to the support of their regular advertisers.

Their December 2012/January 2013 edition (Issue 25) was a particularly exciting one for us, because Glynnis had interviewed Richard about his work for the Square Kilometre Array South Africa, a cutting-edge science and technology project in the field of radio astronomy that is expected to yield some fascinating insights into the nature of the universe. I am delighted that Hubby too has now appeared in The Muse!

Issue 25, the Christmas and New Year edition, was published at the end of last year

Issue 25, the Christmas and New Year edition, was published at the end of last year

You can read the article online here:

Thanks to the creativity, dedication and resourcefulness of editor-in-chief Max and roving photographer-and-writer Glynnis Schutte, as well as their regular contributors (Carol Booth of Cannons Creek Independent School, freelance food consultant Heleen Meyer, and Sue Torr of Crue Consulting), we have been receiving a beautiful little surprise gift every month. I love it!

May the Muse grow from strength to strength!

10 thoughts on “The Pinelands Muse leaps into its third year of publication

  1. Dear Reggie, What a beautiful post about the Muse. Max and I really enjoy putting it together and meeting all the interesting people in our community —especially you and Richard! Look out for the February 2013 edition next week which features some talented figure skaters. Looking forward to your “good reading” blogs this year. All the best. Max and Glynn

  2. Well, I’m in Melkbosstrand and I look forward to receiving my copy, usually in a bundle of 5 as a post box drop is out of the question. I love this publication as it gives me places to visit and photograph as well as some amazing recipes. Thanks to Max and Glynnis for all the hard work, much appreciated.

  3. I live in Australia and love reading the muse online, what a great magazine with outstanding and interesting articles. The photograpy, design and articles are of prestine quality. News about Pinelands is reaching the world!
    A Special congratulations and all around great job to my Uncle and Aunt, Max and Glynnis Schutte and the team. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Tania – oh, what a lovely comment. I didn’t realise the Muse is becoming internationally famous! 🙂 I shall let Max and Glynnis know you left a comment. Best wishes to far-away Australia.

  4. Melkbos, Australia and Tableview!! I regularly collect a bundle of copies when I see Max and Glynnis and deliver to 2 ex-Pinelanders who now live in Tableview and love feeling part of the Pinelands community again while they read their copy of the Muse. It’s a fantastic read even if you have never lived in Pinelands, sometimes it makes you wish you did! Behind the scenes The Muse is put together with much care and thought!!

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