2 thoughts on “IMG_3270

    • Thanks. You know, it’s actually not so easy getting really good shots of everyone at these events – I have to avoid getting in the way of other photographers, at least two camera-people, as well as an assortment of other people setting up lighting, communication cables, props… sometimes my lens isn’t wide enough, or long enough, and sometimes I am just caught in the wrong place, and don’t have time to frame the shot well. In this case, at least, it was still daylight.

      But I’d like to explain that taking good photographs – or even close-ups – of the performers during the evening shows is incredibly challenging: Most importantly, we aren’t allowed on the arena during the show. During the Monday night run-through, when we were allowed near, the girls were unfortunately not wearing their costumes, so I have no close-up shots of them on-stage, fully dressed-up and looking stunning in their dresses. I do not have a long enough zoom lens to get close-up shots of them from the sidelines, and they not move around the arena like the other performers. We only have a limited number of positions on the ground from which we are allowed to shoot, because we cannot climb up the stands among the spectators for a higher view, or stand in front of anyone, nor can we come in from the side where the gun is standing, because we’d be visible to the spectators.

      And that’s quite apart from the technical challenges like using the best shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lighting flares, overblown photos from the spotlight… I’m not a professional photographer, I just do this for the love of it, and I do not always get it right.

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