Preparations for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2012 (Updated)

The seating stands have been set up all around the front arena

I popped down to the Castle of Good Hope in central Cape Town yesterday to take some photos of the preparations happening behind the scenes of the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2012.

As you can see, things are starting to get quite busy, in anticipation of the start of the CT Mil Tattoo, which starts next week Wednesday, 31 October and runs until Saturday, 3 November 2012.

Performances will take place every evening between 20h00 and 22h00, with the pre-show starting around 19h00.

Gates open at 17h30, and secure parking for visitors is available on the Grand Parade opposite the main gates to the Castle (more info here). Tickets can be purchased at Computicket, who will also have a stand outside the main entrance every evening, for those who want to wait until the last minute to buy tickets.

The day began early with a briefing of all the organisers, act coordinators, behind-the-scenes personnel and representatives of the various acts. In the main area, the four larger seating stands had been set up: Tickets for adults cost R120.00 on the centre stand and R100.00 on the side stands, and R50.00 for children from 6 to 12 years of age. The lighting towers and audio equipment were still being installed, involving much vertigo-inducing balancing acts on the scaffolding and laying of spiderwebs of cables all over the terrain. The men of 30 Field Workshop were hard at work, constructing a special “red carpet” boardwalk for the VIPs and people in wheelchairs.

The young girls and boys from Westcott Primary School had their turn to rehearse on the stage, and to practice forming the guard of honour for the arrival of the functionary under the watchful eyes of Major Charles de Cruz, the producer of the Tattoo, and WO1 Leon Robertson. A group of soldiers from the Cape Town Highlanders, with WO2 Alfie Wort as the act coordinator, practiced their mortar run on the front arena. Crowds of curious tourists and visitors to the Castle were milling around throughout the day, no doubt wondering what all the activity was about – I do hope that some will stay long enough to attend the Tattoo!

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