Tuffy-Cat helps us to paint the ceilings: A little slideshow

An inquisitive Tuffy-Cat comes to investigate what we are doing

Last weekend, we finally tackled the painting job we had been procrastinating over for months, if not years: our ceilings.

When we moved into our house some 7-8 years ago, I had (very foolishly, in hindsight) insisted on using eco-friendly paint.

Although I concede that it was a pleasure to paint with – even though we could only choose from a very limited range of environmentally safe pigments – and really easy to clean the brushes and rollers, the downside is that the darned paint turned out to be sooo eco-friendly that it encouraged the proliferation of mould in our habitually quite cold house.

And as anyone will tell you, mould in the house can cause serious health issues, especially in people who already have respiratory problems.

What goes up, must come down

In the intervening years, we have re-painted almost all the inside walls – not a fun job, I can tell you, particularly if you have to move heavy furniture out of the way. However, we didn’t re-paint the ceilings at the same time – we quite simply ran out of steam.

As a rather wet winter merged into a still rather damp spring, we decided to procrastinate no longer.

As soon as we had a free weekend with good weather, we picked up a 5-litre container of paint with mould-remover from the hardware store, cleared the bedroom, hallway and kitchen as much as possible, and got started.

This is how we spent our weekend:

  1. Take down curtains, and tidy away everything that could get spattered by paint. Remove all movable furniture from the rooms to be painted.
  2. Remove light fitting in bedroom and kitchen – discover the latter is badly rusted, due to water condensation from somewhere? Wires are badly corroded too. Drive to nearest hardware store and light-fitting place, buy new light fitting, discover that wires in roof need to be checked first, put fitting on hold until climb into roof can be attempted.
  3. Scrape off all flaking paint from ceiling and vacuum clean thoroughly.
  4. Apply diluted Jik solution to mouldy areas and scrub clean.
  5. Apply Painter’s Mate to hairline cracks along the edge of the ceiling.
  6. Thoroughly clean the wooden floorboards in the bedroom, particularly where the bed usually stands.
  7. While waiting for the Painter’s Mate to dry properly, have something to eat. Wash up dishes and tidy up everything once more.
  8. Send hubby into roof to sort out the darned light fitting.
  9. Pour paint into small container, find one thin brush for the topmost edge, and one thicker brush for the ceiling border, where the roller can’t reach.
  10. Stand on tippy-toes on the tallest chair in the house, streeeeetch up and barely reach the edge with paint brush. Apply paint, as far as you can reach. Climb down off chair, holding onto wall for balance. Move chair along.Β  Climb back onto chair – repeat until all the edges of the room are done. Continue with the hallway and the kitchen until your arms and legs ache.
  11. Help hubby to climb down safely from inside the roof.
  12. Pour paint into tray for roller… and let hubby paint the ceiling. πŸ˜‰
  13. Apply touch-ups to missed bits.
  14. Clean the roller, the tray, the small container and the brushes. Try not to get sprayed by paint in the process. Tidy all painting equipment away.
  15. Clean floor and walls where fridge usually stands. Move fridge back into place.
  16. Vacuum clean bedroom, hallway, kitchen and lounge for the umpteenth time this weekend.
  17. Hang up curtains once more.
  18. Clean vacuum cleaner – the most suck-y job in the whole bloomin’ world! – Cough a lot. Look pitiful.
  19. Dive into shower to remove thick layer of dust.
  20. Convince hubby to pick up some nibblies from the shop for sustenance and reward, and to make tea on his return.
  21. Sigh with bliss at the sight of brilliantly white ceilings. Make mental note to paint lounge and office ceilings too… as soon as the aching muscles have recovered.

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And for those who have problems seeing the slideshows, here is a gallery too:

8 thoughts on “Tuffy-Cat helps us to paint the ceilings: A little slideshow

    • Ooof… er…. um…. Painting the outside of a house is also tricky, because there’s usually bushes and flowerbeds and such-like that have to be removed or tied back first… and ladders tend to be more unstable in the soft ground too. And that’s why we haven’t re-painted the outside of OUR house either since we first moved in.

      P.S. Tuffy takes a bow! πŸ˜‰ (Yes, she can be a bit of a clown in front of the camera!)

  1. Phew – I’m exhausted just reading your account – what a mission! but mould HAS to go, so you’ve earned 3 gold stars for this one. Lovely pics of Tuffy. Chocolat displays no DIY skills whatsoever.

    • Yeh, Tuffy likes to be a bit of a clown, hamming it up for the camera. Intrigued that your animals also like to watch you work! I always wonder what goes through their heads… whether they realise that we’d rather trade places, and lie with them in the sun too!

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