Roaming around the garden with my camera: A longer slideshow

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And for those who have problems seeing the slideshows, here is a gallery too:

17 thoughts on “Roaming around the garden with my camera: A longer slideshow

  1. Those caterpillars are so fascinating. When they are many together, they look like one big dangerous spider. Very smart. One gets curious to find out what they will look like as butterflies.

  2. Lovely work, Reggie. i need to get out and do some macro practice. The cliveas in our garden are at their best now too.

    And what is it about South Africa that creates all those spectacular flowers that transfer well to gardens around the world – notably the proteas?

    • Thank you, Richard. Our garden is not a fynbos garden, interestingly – even though we live in the Cape Peninsula, where fynbos is all around us. Our garden used to be a kind of English cottage garden, I think, but it was badly neglected for a number of years before we bought it, and only the hardiest plants survived.

  3. What a gorgeous variety of plants you have, and all so lovingly photographed. The contrast of the orange flowers against the dark green foliage is just stunning. I especially like the bottlebrush blooms. Your snails are quite attractive too, as are the caterpillars, though seeing them clustered like that around a tree trunk makes my skin crawl a bit.

    • Thank you, Amy… and yes, those caterpillars also make my skin crawl… They are apparently the caterpillar stage of the Cape Lappet Moth, and very common in the Western Cape, though I can’t remember seeing quite so many of them around before. I wonder whether they have natural predators?

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