Beachsand, seagulls and bluebottles: A sunset ramble on Milnerton beach to welcome 2012

I love Cape Town!

At the start of 2011, we had gone for a beachwalk on Dolphin Beach to watch the kitesurfers and windsurfers playing with the wind.

This year, at the start of January, we felt like exploring a beach we hadn’t visited before – Milnerton beach. It can be accessed from Woodbridge Island, and lies on the cold Atlantic Ocean.

The views from here of Table Mountain with its two companions, Devil’s Peak on the left, and Lion’s Head on the right, are just as spectacular as they are from Dolphin Beach further north. And you might even see the distinctive shape of the Cape Town Stadium at the tail-tip of the Lion’s rump, otherwise known as Signal Hill.

Will you come and join us for a relaxing stroll along the beach? Just mind you don’t step on any of the bluebottles!

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12 thoughts on “Beachsand, seagulls and bluebottles: A sunset ramble on Milnerton beach to welcome 2012

    • Always a pleasure, Alison. πŸ™‚

      One of my regular readers pointed out to me that the copyright info I now put on my photos makes it difficult to read the captions on these slideshows – I apologise for that! I don’t know why I didn’t spot that immediately.

      In future, I will find a better spot for the copyright info, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go back through the most recent slideshows to re-format the pictures, re-upload them, and re-do all the captions… it’s just such a huge task!

  1. I love Milnerton beach. We often walk our dog there on the weekends, and in summer when it stays light until 9pm, we go on weeknight evenings. Treat yourself to some brilliant people watching at Milnerton Market on the Saturdays and Sundays. You might even find a bargain.

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