A Slideshow of our Knusperhäuschen

Our very own Knusperhäuschen!

A couple of weeks ago (Who would like to buy a Knusperhäuschen?), I told you about my creative friend Colette of Cakes and Desserts who, in the run-up to the Christmas season, and in keeping with the German tradition, has been baking vast amounts of traditional Stollen and all manner of delicious Weihnachtsgebäck.

This year, they also made ginger bread houses, otherwise known as Lebkuchenhäuschen, Pfefferkuchenhäuschen or KnusperhäuschenThey are about 30cm high, 20cm wide, and 30 cm long, and take about four days to make on order.

We placed our order for one of these lovingly handmade creations, and picked it up this weekend. I thought you all might like a closer look.

Colette kindly allowed me to take some ‘before’ photos too, of the walls and the roof, which are all made and decorated separately. So are the door, the chimney (complete with a puff of ‘smoke’ coming out at the top), the trees, and the figures of Hänsel and Gretel. A lot of icing is used to stick the different parts together, and to stick on all the decorations. The icing needs some time to dry and harden, before the house can be assembled. Each house is completely unique, and everything is edible – not just the colourful sweeties and cookies that are used as decorations.

Having made our own Knusperhäuschen a couple of years ago, I know how much work, time and skill has gone into creating such a professional looking product.

Well done to Colette and her team of Christmas Elves!

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8 thoughts on “A Slideshow of our Knusperhäuschen

    • Erm… yes… well, that is a problem! That’s also why I took the BEFORE photos. 🙂 And as Alison said, it is very sweet. We’re going to have to take it veeery slowly, so we don’t get a sugar rush! 🙂

    • I thought you might like these, Al! I so wish I could send you one, but unfortunately that’s not possible; I doubt it would survive the flight intact. It’s so pretty that we haven’t dared to start eating it.

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