All for a good cause: Wiggling and waggling through the leafy streets of Tokai

On Sunday, 20 November 2011, we joined a record number of 2517 people and 1736 dogs who participated in the SPCA Royal Canin Wiggle Waggle Walkathon in Tokai, Cape Town (Record numbers Wiggle Waggle for SPCA). The impressive sum of R250 000 was raised for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, which is wonderful news, as they do excellent work under very challenging circumstances.

The easy 4.5 km route circled around the leafy streets of Tokai, starting and finishing at the School for Maths, Science and Technology on Firgrove Way. We were most thankful that the sweltering 30+ heat of the previous day had dissipated and that, instead, the air was refreshingly cool and even slightly damp, with a slight drizzle spitting down by the end of the walk. No doubt, the cool weather was also appreciated by the pooches, who were all on their best behaviour.

We had persuaded several people to join us this year: my Mom; sister-in-law Tanya, visiting us from Windhoek – and due to take a midday flight back home, which meant that we had to rush off to the airport immediately after the walk; and our friends V and L, who had brought along little N, now 8 months old. Little N was completely unfazed by all the racket around us – the announcements from the loudspeakers, the blaring of the music, and the barking of hundreds of dogs – and was actually singing herself asleep in her pram as soon as we crossed the starting line. This was her very first Wiggle Waggle!

And now, I hope you’ll enjoy the slideshow!

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2 thoughts on “All for a good cause: Wiggling and waggling through the leafy streets of Tokai

  1. I did indeed enjoy the slideshow. Good spirit on all of you and congratulations with raising 250 000 rands. By the way I was roaming around in South Africa last year during the world cup trying to get to see as many as many games as possible. Had a great time.

    • Oh! You were here during the World Cup 2010! I am delighted to hear you enjoyed your visit, and hope you’ll travel to the southern tip of Africa again. Perhaps you can explore a bit of Namibia next time around? It’s definitely worth a visit – a very photogenic place! 🙂

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