Get Creative with a “Caption This” competition at “Notes from Africa”

In September, Lisa at Notes from Africa started a new series on her wonderful blog, called “Caption This” (Gallery of Winning Captions). She posts a photo of animals in the bush, and you have a week or two to come up with a humorous caption:

“When you spend time watching animals and birds in the bush, you often see them in amusing situations or poses.  It always makes me wonder what they’re thinking. It’s so easy to ascribe human emotions to them. So I thought I’d give you all a chance to think up captions for some of the funnier photographs we have taken. The winner (picked by the readers) will unfortunately will not be getting a big prize, just have the honour of being named the winner! If you can think of a good one, please leave a comment.”

It’s been such fun! Challenging too!

And it’s been particularly interesting to see how differently other readers see the same situation, and what background stories they come up with. If you want to give the next one a shot, Lisa offers some useful advice here on How to Write a Good Humour Caption.

The first couple of captions were chosen by Lisa, but now she includes a poll to allow everyone to vote for their favourite two! You can currently vote for Caption 5!

Have a look at the previous captions:

Her latest photo is of a leopard approaching a waterhole. See if you can come up for a suitable and humorous caption for this scenario!



2 thoughts on “Get Creative with a “Caption This” competition at “Notes from Africa”

  1. Thank you for “advertising” Caption This and spreading the word! I hope that we get some new people entering again this week (Georgette Sullins kindly mentioned the series on her blog last week), and I especially hope that lots of people vote for last week’s caption.

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