Weekend in Riversdale – Part 10: Returning to Cape Town

From Tradouw Pass, we headed westwards through the tiny rural village of Zuurbraak, reaching Swellendam and the N2, which took us home across the gently rolling hills of the Overberg with its dramatic yellow canola patches amidst vast fields and meadows of green. In the distance along the northern edge of the Overberg, the mountain peaks still had a slight dusting of snow.

A rural idyll of grazing sheep, green meadows and snowy mountain peaks

And thus our Women’s Day Weekend in Riversdale came to an end, and all too soon, we were both caught up again in the hustle and bustle of the city and the demands of work and responsibilities.

But the longing remained, to listen to the call of that open road, beckoning us with its promise of adventure.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend in Riversdale – Part 10: Returning to Cape Town

    • And that’s exactly the effect I had hoped for! I feel the same about your road trips too, like I’m sitting in the car with you, following your adventures, curious to see what things, places, people catch your attention and what interests you.

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