Today’s the Day I reached a Milestone… and missed the Moment

On Friday, 26 August 2011, my blog hit 150,000 views!

In the last few weeks, days and hours, I have been watching my stats climb gradually towards this milestone. The excitement levels in my household were increasing in leaps and bounds, as I kept Tuffy-Cat – and Hubby – informed of significant incremental increases.

The Tension Is Mounting

“Tuffy, look – I’m on 149,000 hits!”

“Mrreoow,” she purred, affectionately rubbing her cheek against my hand, before settling down in front of the heater again.

Clearly, some people just don’t let all that excitement get to them.

Tuffy-Cat is unfazed - the heater is more important than my stats page

“Hey, Honey, my stats counter is now at 149,500! Isn’t that great?”

“Ooh, nice, how about a cup of tea?”

(In our house, we like to celebrate all important achievements with a cup of tea.

Tea is good.

We celebrated.)

I refreshed my stats page.

“Tuffy, Tuffy, come here! Look, our blog has had 149,900 views so far!”

“Rrrrrrmrmmmmmrrrrrmmmmm…” went her little sewing-machine purr, as she pumped away on my lap, content with the World.

"Oooh, go on, click that refresh button, you know you want to..."

“Go on, click refresh again,” Tuffy urged me.

“Glad to oblige, my dear.”



When Friday dawned, I immediately logged onto WordPress to check.


This was sooo close!

I really wanted to capture the moment when that stats counter clicked onto 150,000 views, but sometimes the Universe just seems to conspire to keep you away from your computer at The Crucial Moment.

I was hoping for Fireworks!

The First Event

First there was a crisis, which necessitated me leaving the house and rescuing someone whose vital telephone and internet connection had been cut a couple of days earlier by those nasty, evil, selfish thieves who like to steal copper cables in our country, thus incapacitating entire public transport systems of our city and cutting all forms of communication (other than cellphones) in entire suburbs.

Thank goodness, we could connect a cellphone to her computer so that she could at least download and send a huge backlog of important emails.

Bright and colourful Fireworks!

The Second Event

Then, when I returned home, our ADSL line was down.

Oddly, my voice line was still working.

So it couldn’t be copper cable theft here too. Besides, surely too much of a coincidence?

Puzzled, I phoned my internet service provider, who informed me that I wasn’t the only one with the problem in my area (there were thirty others also without an internet/email connection). According to their technical assessment, we no longer had an ADSL line.


I found this rather disconcerting, as I had just upgraded to a faster (and more expensive) ADSL line two weeks earlier.

I phoned Telkom, who confirmed that I indeed no longer had an ADSL line.


They couldn’t understand it either, but reassured me that they would send a technician to check whether something had broken at the local exchange in my neighbourhood.

Not to be deterred from My Mission, I connected my cellphone to my desktop computer, and immediately logged into WordPress.

149,985 hits!

This was so close! And there was still a chance that I could get a screen-shot of THE MOMENT!

149,987 hits!

Would I make it?

I wasn’t going to shift my bum off this chair until that stats counter hit 150,000!

A shower of fireworks lighting up the night sky!

The Third Event

But then, we had to head out to the Northern Suburbs to pick up a length of downpipe and some bits-and-bobs for our newly installed gutters, before the supplier closed at 17h00. Never mind, long story.

While we were waiting at the supplier, I used my cellphone to connect to my WordPress home page. Desperation was setting in!

149,995 hits!!!

I almost couldn’t bear it any longer.

Could I still make it back on time?

Fizzz! Bang! Poppity-pop!

The Moment … Missed

Sadly, no.

When we finally returned home, the Telkom technician had performed a miracle, and reconnected my ADSL line.

I promptly refreshed my stats page, and this is what I saw: 150,015 Hits.

The view on my homepage


I wasn’t ready to give up the fight, though.

As I really like symmetrical numbers, I thought to myself, “Okay, then, let’s try for 150,051 hits instead. That’ll be a nice symmetrical number.”

My stats page - 150015 hits!

So that’s what I was holding out for today.

Incredibly, I missed that moment too.

And I missed another significant number – 150,150. That also kind of had a nice ring to it.

So there you go.

Sometimes, Life Just Has Other Plans.

But I’m still going to celebrate this Milestone with some Fireworks!


Oh, and a Cup of Tea, of course.

Would you like to join me and Hubby and Tuffy-Cat in the garden for some Tea and Cupcakes, perhaps?

Cupcakes - yummmmm

33 thoughts on “Today’s the Day I reached a Milestone… and missed the Moment

  1. My very sincere congratulations on your milestone Reggie.
    What a fun read of life in S. Africa. I somehow don’t think someone in N. America who’s never been there would understand that they really do steal the copper wire from working telephones.

    • Thank you, Rosie!

      And yes, indeed, they do. There’s a huge industry in stolen copper fittings, including copper cables. In fact, we have a special police unit, called the CopperHeads, who investigate such crimes. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be very successful. Apparently many thousands of tons of (stolen) scrap metal are exported from our country. It’s a disaster!

  2. Congratulations Reggie! I was on your site at the time – think I was the 150003 visitor, so I noticed the milestone. Had wondered if you would.

    Tuffy-cat is like my cat Lucy, huddling next to the heater. Lucy though puts her legs right underneath it.

    • You were? Ohh! Thank you for the congrats. 🙂

      Tuffy also likes to put her legs through underneath the heater – her way of definitively laying claim to it. Lucy sounds adorable!

  3. Hehe – would LOVE to join you three for a much deserved cup of char! Congrats on tge milestone. The universe had other plans, knowing that you’ll have sooooooo many other blog milestones to come. Hugs Al XxX

  4. Congrats! can understand the build-up, the tension, the excitement – yessss!!!! loved the firework pics. Please keep on blogging – love your blog. Just ‘cos you’ve hit humungous numbers is no reasons to stop & deprive the rest of us.
    Happy blogging for years to come!

    • Thank you, Alison, I am taking a bow. 😀 I’m glad you’re still enjoying my blog; sometimes I wonder whether it’s worthwhile to continue, you know.

      The firework pics, incidentally, were taken at a fireworks demonstration at the Castle, during the FIFA World Cup last year. I happened to be at the Castle that night, and – WOW! What a sight it was!

  5. Congratulations, Reggie! I am giggling…have been known to be obsessive–err, passionate–about stats at times, too. 150,000 is a HUGE milestone. Only people who blog realize how challenging it can be to build up a readership. I remember when I first started blogging and saw that someone had 100,000 hits and I was amazed that someone would get these views in one day. (It didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t in one day.) Keep blogging, girlfriend! One of these days soon you’ll be celebrating 200,000!

    • Beam, thanks for understanding, Kathy! Yes, let’s call it passionate rather than obsessive, shall we?

      And yes, it IS a big milestone, isn’t it? I captured the moment in December last year, when it clicked over to 100,000 views, and clearly remember how exhilarating that was, but unfortunately, I didn’t have any time to write at the time, so it was never celebrated in proper style.

      Blogging isn’t really about accumulating numbers, though, is it? I know it’s not for you, and it’s not for me either. I think we’d both much rather know who our readers are, and to develop friendly and supportive relationships with them, than to receive hundreds and hundreds of hits from total strangers who never bother to leave a comment.

      So, I raise my mug-of-tea to BlogFriends! 🙂

  6. Congratulations. Your story was most entertaining, and the photos very illustrative. I can imagine how focused you were on being there when the number came out, too bad you had so many other things to care about . I value the same crazy things, ..maybe you are aware of dates, too ? I was ready to enjoy the moment of 10.10. 2010, at 10:10 o´ be honest I didn´t really know how to celebrate it, so I took a picture of the watch at my screen 🙂

    Anyway, since friday, you have already had 671 more views, so before too long, you have a new celebration to do.

    Stealing cobber is an increasing problem here,, cobber cables has been stolen from the train system, and the trains unable to drive for a while. They steal statues, sometimes very rare art, gutters, anything. I don´t think there are any special police groups taking care of this, perhaps they can learn something from the police at your area. The stealing is as far as I know, mostly done by people from other,poor european countries.

    • Hello Birgitte –

      I always keep a look-out for interesting configurations of numbers too! Did you really capture the moment of 10.10.2010 at 10:10am?? Wow!

      I don’t wear a watch, so when I happen to glance at the time on the radio-alarm or something, and it is an interesting combination, like 20:20 or 22:11 or 23:32, etc. it always feels like there is something ‘significant’ about it (no idea WHAT the significance is, though!). I sometimes do the same with car registration numbers, trying to figure out if there is a pattern in the numbers. 🙂

      My goodness, I had no idea that the problem of copper cable theft was prevalent in Denmark too – how odd!

      Apparently, South Africa’s economy loses R10 billion a year to copper theft, with Cape Town the largest source of export of the plundered metal. Appalling, isn’t it? But it’s not just copper that is stolen – in fact, these guys steal anything metallic, because they can sell it to unscrupulous scrap dealers. So that includes light fittings, brass taps, metallic house numbers, exposed pipes, traffic light cables, etc etc…

      I found some relatively recent articles about our ‘Copperheads’ – City to give more mettle to Copperheads; Copperheads uncover illegal cables, Solving SA’s copper theft crisis – Democratic Alliance, and a very interesting article here: On the Streets with the Copperheads (PDF format).

  7. Congratulations with raching this great Milestone, 150,000 hits. No wonder with the amazing blog you have! Like so many others I enjoy all your photos and stories from South Africa. So there will be many more celebrations – 200.000, 500.000 – and 1 million – SOON!

  8. Quite an achievement indeed. Congrats. I can identify with the copper cable theft in the U.S. on the rise from several recent local police reports. Maddening. On a brighter note, please tell Tuffy-Cat she has a new fan across the pond – adorable!

    • Thank you, Sports!

      I had no idea copper cable theft was happening in the US too – thought it was a uniquely South African problem.

      I have immediately passed on your admiration to Tuffy-Cat, who took a bow, and purred loudly in appreciation. 😀

  9. Congratulations Reggie, I like your blog, keeps me up to date with the outside world, where my old legs can no longer go to!
    The fireworks looked just great, as did the cup cakes. Well done, and do keep on blogging.

    • Aw, thank you very much, Pauline! The last week has been so busy again, I haven’t had time to blog… all these posts are sitting in my draft folder, waiting for completion and their launch into the Big Wild Blogosphere! 😉

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