From Doctor to Able Seaman with the click of a button?

It is not often that a letter from the bank makes one literally breathless with laughter.

Yesterday morning, hubby and I zooted past the local post office to fetch our mail. On the way home in the car, I started sorting through the envelopes. There was the usual uninspiring haul of telephone account, rates and taxes account, letter from an insurance company, and several bank statements. Nothing really to fill one’s heart with joy and gladness.

It was only when I had a closer look at the bank statements, that I did a double-take, before I started giggling helplessly.

Instead of the latest bank statement being addressed to Dr …. (hubby has a PhD in electrical engineering), it was addressed to Able Seaman ….

What on earth… ?!

For pretty much all of our adult lives, we have been with the same bank.

We hold several accounts with them, and have regularly updated our contact details, and FICA’d ourselves, and such like.

As a result, our bank knows pretty much everything about us, unfortunately, as banks do.

So, why had Our Bank suddenly decided that my beloved had joined the SA Navy?

And that he had attained the rank of Able Seaman?


I know! I know! [Lightbulb moment.]

Perhaps our bank manager had read My Blog, and seen that I have a weakness for men in uniform, and particularly for those dashing officers of the Navy in their spick-and-span white uniforms?

Perhaps this had led him to the conclusion that hubby had changed his career, and was now a seafaring sailor?

Heck, perhaps they know something I don’t?

Honey, I think we need to talk…


The answer is probably far more mundane than that. Most likely, the poor person tasked with printing out the monthly bank statements had clicked the wrong shortcut key. But we don’t mind, all that laughing sure did us good!! And I wonder what rank they’ll give him next month? Captain or Commander? πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “From Doctor to Able Seaman with the click of a button?

  1. How fun! This is one of those magic moments in life! I am glad you had a good laugh. I am grinning from ear to ear, too. I also didn’t know your hubby had a Ph.D. Seeing how much our son is working to get his, I know this is no easy feat. Congrats to him!

  2. πŸ™‚ I didn’t know what that title meant, but now I do, (after having read Wikipedia). One gets more clever all the time. Congratulations with your Able seaman! One never know what the day will bring, a sailor is probably not the worst to get. πŸ™‚ Ahoy!

  3. In the US a mistake like this would lead to other mistakes. I mean we would begin seeing other envelopes addressed to Able Seaman–it seems companies trace each other in some way, so for me, I would call my bank, but in SA it may not be a problem. If you call – let us know how they got confused. I am curious about how this new title came about. Sher

    • Giggle… When I went to the post office yesterday, the latest bank statement was again addressed to ‘Able Seaman’. Sigh… I was so hoping they might upgrade him to Lieutenant, or Commander, or even Captain! πŸ˜‰ Drat… I suppose we’ll have to let them know sometime that they made a bit of a boo-boo.

    • Actually, I think he would look *most* dashing and handsome as an Able Seaman. πŸ˜‰

      As to changing careers – well, perhaps not *right now*. As you probably know, he is working on a fantastic radio astronomy project known as the Karoo Array Telescope (or KAT-7), and we (South Africa) are working hard to win the bid (we’re competing against Australia and New Zealand) for the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world to be built on the African continent!

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