Yet another WordPress glitch

I started working on this post about our most recent visit to Green Point Urban Park a while back, and only got a chance to finish it and click ‘Publish’ today.

Unfortunately, as has happened on more than just a handful of occasions recently, WordPress glitched… got stuck, ignored my most recent additions, put in the wrong date, didn’t save properly, and I had to scramble frantically to fix things.

If you are a regular subscriber, you’ll have received a link that now no longer works. SORRY!!!!

I’ve republished it here.

8 thoughts on “Yet another WordPress glitch

    • Thanks, Kathy. I’ve had an annoying number of glitches with WordPress in recent weeks – usually with uploading photos and adding captions, and then inserting individual photos into my post. And when I am writing a post, I’ve lost whole batches of writing on several occasions, which has meant re-drafting… sooo frustrating and time-consuming. I always heave a huge sigh of relief when things run smoothly.

    • Hi Giiid, the auto-saving didn’t work properly – it had only saved the second-last/third-last version, so I lost a whole lot of stuff I’d typed since then. The main problem seemed to happen while I was putting captions on the photos – I added captions, clicked save, and then it got stuck, and I had to go out and back into the gallery again. When I did, it had lost all the caption I’d entered and tried to save. This happened several times in succession. When I finally got the captions sorted, I realised that the text in the blog-post hadn’t been saved either, and by that time, I had forgotten exactly what I had written (I write quite slowly and edit/move things around a lot). It was a mess.

      I agree though; in the past, WordPress support has always been very fast and effective, but I didn’t think they could help me with this. It might well have been network congestion – because of the time-zone differences between Africa and America, the network often seems to slow down when America comes ‘online’. At least, that’s how it feels down here – mind you, we have a very slow internet connection (currently 384 kbps), nowhere near as fast as ‘the civilised world’. πŸ˜‰

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