An update to ‘The Horses of Oude Molen’

In April last year, I took some photos of the horses in the paddock at Oude Molen Eco-Village, and put them up on my blog (here). In February this year, Michelle – a friendly fellow-lover of Oude Molen – commented on that post. And today, much to my delight, she sent me a PDF with the names of all the horses I photographed.

I know, can you believe it? People are so nice! And I think I have some awesome blog-readers. πŸ™‚

Anyhow, I thought this was so amazing of her and her daughter Emily, who is a passionate horse rider, that I decided to re-post the pictures of the horses with their proper names attached. So here goes:

In the photo below, you can see Tinkerbell (chestnut roan, I think is the colour?) on the left, Zara in the right foreground, and Jeena (the chestnut in the right background).

Two horses nibbling at the straw lying scattered around an old bathtub

This horse is called Bacardi – yeh, like the drink! πŸ˜‰

This horse was being kept apart from the others – I wonder why?

The bay horse on the left is Blitz, and the chestnut roan is Tinkerbell.

Contentedly munching away – the bay on the left is Blitz

Storm (the dark grey horse) and Raisin (the light grey horse) are sharing a tractor tyre with food, more or less peacefully. Although there isn’t a horse called ‘Lightning’ here (as far as I know), there is a horse called ‘Blitz’, which means ‘Lightning’. Interesting, hey? I wonder if there’s also a ‘Hurricane’ and a ‘Tornado’? … though I’m not sure I’d feel entirely at ease riding a horse with such a name.

A dark grey horse and a light grey horse sharing a meal

The darker bay on the left is Galube and the lighter one is Shrek; how Michelle and Emily were able to identify these horses without seeing whether they have any unique markings on their heads is astounding. They obviously know them very well.

Two bay horses, one darker and one lighter, share a tractor tyre with straw

The dark grey mare on the left is Zara, the piebald pony in the centre is Sea Breeze, and the dun mare on the right is Molly.

The piebald pony is, I think, called Sea Breeze

And the foal standing next to Molly is Firefly (what a cute name!).

I wonder whether the little foal belongs to this mare?

This is Molly with Firefly again.

I think this little foal is sooo cute!

And finally, the piebald on the left is Sea Breeze, as you now know ;-), and the white horse on the right is Dantae.

A couple of horses in the small circular paddock

So there you have it. I think it’s nice to be able to greet the horses by their proper names, when they come over to the fence to snuffle at your pockets – in case there’s an apple or a carrot hidden inside. The next time I’m going to Oude Molen, I’m taking a printout of their PDF with me. πŸ˜€

A HUGE thank you to Michelle, Andy and Emily for their feedback.

14 thoughts on “An update to ‘The Horses of Oude Molen’

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, Reggie!!! They are gorgeous and I bet you’d love adding each of Eseltjiesrus’ much loved hee-haws to your blog some time!!!

    • Hi Lindsey, I actually would love to. The last time we visited, I picked up a flyer with the pictures and names of some of the hee-haws to make identification easier, but I still find it quite tricky!

    • Hi Shakira – how wonderful that you’re able to enjoy horse riding at Oude Molen. My horse riding days are over, sadly, but I still love seeing the horses and being around them. They are magnificent beings. πŸ™‚ Happy riding!

  2. Horses are a beautiful creation and given to us by god. Cruelty to animals make my blood boil. When I can ride well enough I hope to get a white stallion for myself. I love riding at Oude molen and love the horses.

  3. I am finding my riding lessons at oude molen to be a very uplifting experience. I am at my happiest with horses and really love them. I look forward to getting my own horse hopefully next year. God gave mankind a great gift when he created horses and it is our duty to love and protect them.

  4. I really enjoy my riding lessons at once molen. Ui hope to have my own horse next year. I love the oude molen horses and find the instructors very helpful. I feel very at home there.

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