Sparkles of Hope bracelets

In response to my posts (here and here) about the annual fund-raising CANSA Shavathon, my blogfriend Amy from Nova Scotia told me about the Sparkles of Hope bracelet that is sold by the Newfoundland Cancer Association to raise funds for them.

Sparkles of Hope

“The bracelet consists of a string of coloured crystals, each one meant to represent a different type of cancer. A card in the box lists all the types along with the colour.”

A card explaining the significance of the colours

“On the cover of the box the question is asked: “Who are you wearing it for?””

The box

I think these bracelets look very pretty indeed. And I agree with her that this is a brilliant campaign idea, so I’ve forwarded the info to the local cancer association. Perhaps they will take it further?

Thank you, Amy.

12 thoughts on “Sparkles of Hope bracelets

  1. Thankyou Reggie, your blog is always informative, interesting and inspiring and I’d love for you to visit Camphill Village Westcoast any first Sunday of the month on their OpenMarketDay where one enjoys great food at very affordable prices and loads of company overflowing with divine love. See you there some time, go well and happy writing!!!

    • Hello Lindsey – oh, that does sound lovely. We’ve never visited the Village before.

      I always buy their muesli from the local health food store – although it’s horrendously expensive and hugely overpriced (sorry, but it hurts my pocket… :-{), it is the only wheat-free, sugar-free, soya-free, nut-free muesli, preservative-free, flavourant-and-colourant-free muesli I can find. However, I do realise it is a good community initiative to support, and that’s why I buy it… they must just not increase the price again! 😀

      We shall definitely make a plan to visit, I’ve noted it on my calendar already. Thanks for the the tip, Lindsey.

    • Thanks, Amy. If you hadn’t told me about the Sparkles of Hope braclets, I would never have known. I’ve been in touch with the local Cancer Association and have passed on all the info I have to them. Now it’s up to them to see whether they are able to take it further. I hope they do. 🙂

  2. love the bracelet, wanting to know if I can still order them to have mailed to nova scotia , I would like 3 of them for sure , and maybe more depending on the price of each one

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