Hair today, gone tomorrow – supporting the 2011 CANSA Shavathon!

After a few days of umming and aahing, I had psyched myself up to join Colette, my best friend from my school days, and her mom Gisela at the Longbeach Mall in Noordhoek to participate in the 8th annual Shavathon, a fundraising and awareness creation initiative of the Cancer Association of South Africa on the occasion of their 80th birthday (previous post).

En route to the mall, we picked up Colette from her bakery in Noordhoek.

By the way, Colette is the best pastry chef in the country, if not on the African continent, in my honest opinion (although, yes, I do admit that I am just a teensy bit biased). But seriously now, just have a look at the pictures on her website, appropriately named Cakes and Desserts, and tell me honestly whether you think you might be able to resist those absolutely scrumptilicious, superbly crafted, lovingly decorated cakes and desserts…

No? I didn’t think so either. πŸ˜‰ So place your order now for a unique, individually designed, unforgettably beautiful wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, or any other special occasion cake you could think of.

The volunteers at Longbeach Mall in Noordhoek have been very busy since the morning, shaving and spraying shoppers and visitors to the Mall

The three of us met up with her mom at the Mall. We quickly paid our fees, and got in line to wait our turn. The stand had apparently been very busy in the morning and over lunchtime, and things had only slowed down in the afternoon, which is when we had arrived. With a spray, a shave and a bail-out costing R50 each, and some people paying R100 to have both a shave and a spray, I’m sure they collected a tidy amount for CANSA, which is excellent.

Richard had decided that, instead of just bailing out, he would in fact have his hair sprayed, just for fun. His volunteer promptly sprayed him in pretty much all the colours of the rainbow!

Richard decides that he will have his hair sprayed

On the opposite end of the stand, Mama Gisela, Colette and I took turns getting our mops cropped.

Mama G went for a stylish No 3, with a No 2 to tidy things up neatly around the ears and neck. I promise, she looked 10 years younger. Colette, once she saw how dashingly elegant her mom looked, ditched her plan to limit herself to a slightly longer No 4, and followed suit with a No 3. I chose a No 2, not quite able to bring myself to pick No 1, as that seemed very, very short indeed!

Uh-oh! Half's gone already! No turning back now!

Our volunteer hair stylists took their time, making sure that there were no straggly bits or stray hairs peeking out anywhere. They were amazing – calm, relaxed, easy-going, friendly and chatty. They made everyone feel welcome and totally at ease, and any anxiety we might have had, soon faded away.

Afterwards: A group photo

Meanwhile, Richard, sporting an uncharacteristically colourful head of hair, dashed around with the camera, helpfully taking piccies from all angles – I had appointed him official-paparazzi-in-chief for the purposes of the blog. Much to my delight, he had quickly released his original, extremely-firm, laying-down-the-law intention “to take only two pictures: one before, one after”.

Thank goodness, or this would be the shortest and most disappointing slideshow in the history of all slideshows!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

14 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow – supporting the 2011 CANSA Shavathon!

    • Giggle… yes, we did it! πŸ˜€ And who knows, maybe we can do it ‘together’ next year.

      As for baked cheesecake… oh man, am I HUNGRY at the moment, and the thought of cheesecake isn’t helping… We didn’t have much for lunch and somehow managed to miss supper, so I am absolutely STARVING!

  1. Well done – brave lady ! have to say I laughed at the pic that shows both fists to the mouth and wide bush-baby eyes at the sight of the finished result – its okay my friend, you simply look like a Buddhist nun, and much good Karma attached to that!

  2. Wow – fantastic cause! I’ve lot a sister to cancer and so I know first hand the importance of fundraising and increasing awareness…so WELL DONE you!

    Your hair will grow back with pride πŸ˜‰

    N.B. I noticed the lady cutting your hair still had her locks!?!

    Thanks for the link to your friends site too – I clicked on it and immediately starting foaming at the mouth – just at the pictures!!!! Oh to be in front of the REAL THING!!!

    Al xx

    • Hi Al, oh gosh, I am so sorry about your sister.

      I agree that this annual event is very important for the Cancer Association – as it is just one weekend a year, though, they do have other events scheduled throughout the year, though none that get quite as much publicity as this one.

      Like you, I can’t look at those photos without going ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and ‘wouldn’t that be a nice treat for tea…’ πŸ˜€

      Unfortunately, I don’t think they deliver to the UK yet. Unless you own a jet, perhaps? πŸ˜‰

  3. Yum to Colettes cakes and desserts, well worth remembering for that special occasion, and well worth the effort to make up an occasion, so that we can have an excuse to remember Colettes yummy chocolate cake!

    Well done Reggie. You look great after the shavathon — maybe next year I will be braver and will join the queue ….

    • Yes, totally YUM! πŸ™‚ Colette and her mom also have a stand at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock every Saturday morning (and I think stands at two more fairs, though I don’t know the details), so that’s a good place to pick up some tasty morsels for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon teatime snack.

      Thank you, Glynnis – I hope you’ll join in next year too!

  4. Hi Reggie, I am impressed that you did it. Not many people are brave enough to cut all their hair off like that, but if you’re doing it for a cause than one should go the whole way – just to take an inch off is neither here nor there.

    What’s a #1? A total shave? You did #2 and it looks as though your hair is eyebrow long.

    • Thanks, Rosie. They don’t offer a total/clean shave (for reasons of hygiene – i.e. nicking someone with a shaver, which is a serious health risk, particularly in our country with its high HIV/AIDS prevalence). So No.1 is the shortest you can go – it’s a millimetre or two, something like that. Actually, the worst is trying to grow it out to a nice-looking length – even trickier if you have three crowns and several cow’s licks that complicate your hairstyle!

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