Hitting the Pause Button for a brief Kitty Interlude

After last week’s whirlwind program of activities and outings with mom-in-law, it was back to work for me today. Some editing and proofreading work had been pushed aside for a week, and now it was clamouring for attention.

As you can imagine, it was tricky to concentrate, as my head was all over the place, remembering the fun times we had, our walking tour of Kirstenbosch, our trip out to McGregor to see Donkey, Sunday afternoon’s garden concert with the Navy Band, and all those other exciting events of which I’ve only shared tiny snippets.

Tell me, do you also feel like life is speeding up, and that you’re running and running and running, and no matter how much you try to cram into your days, there is always more to be done?

Does your To Do List also keep growing and growing, even if you tick things off as ‘Done and Dusted’?

Don’t you sometimes wish there was a PAUSE button in your life?

I do.

I would love to click ‘Pause’ right now, so that I can peacefully go through all the lovely photos we took, choose the best ones to share with all my loyal and supportive blog friends and followers, and do a nice little write-up on each of the things we did.

And then I’ll happily click the Play button again and resume Life.

For now, I shall leave you with a brief slideshow of Suzie, adorably cute white-and-ginger kitty from nextdoor, who snoozed ontop of our garden wall this afternoon, partly in the sun, partly in the shade, just so. Yeah, cats know how to get the most Pleasure out of Life, without feeling the slightest trace of guilt at Un-Done Items on the To-Do List. They probably don’t even have a List. I’m sure there’s a Life Lesson in there somewhere.

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20 thoughts on “Hitting the Pause Button for a brief Kitty Interlude

    • Well, about 3-quarters of her were on the actual wall, but the tail-bit was balanced rather precariously on the wooden gate, so I can’t imagine that it was particularly comfortable for her. But cats do like walls – they like being high up so that they can see prey or danger approaching; and of course, it gives them a psychological advantage of “looking down on” us mere mortals who can’t climb up there… 😉

      • Aren’t cats just enviably flexible?

        I love how they can curl themselves up into a tiny furry ball, or alternatively spread out like a blob of molten lead – all heavy and floppy and elongated (usually when they’re lying on the bed, or somewhere they’re not supposed to be lying).

  1. Yes I do feel that life is constantly speeding up and there’s more and more and more to do. I have no solutions. If cats could give seminars on how to do less and be more content I’d definitely enroll.

    Though we could probably accomplish more by doing less, I do know one thing for sure: time-outs for tea and cake are non-negotiable 😉

    • NOW you’re talking, Amy! SO pleased to have a fellow tea-and-cake-time-outer!!!

      As to cat seminars… Hm, I’ll have a quiet word with Tuffkins. I’ll even offer to do the slides for her, and to translate her non-verbal cues. But I can’t promise anything – she might just be too busy sleeping on the warm roof, or on one of the branches of the large tree in the back garden, or behind a large flower pots, or underneath the philodendron where I think we might have a pair of ‘yellow-bellies’ (olive thrushes) nesting…

  2. Complete agreement on the feeling that there’s never enough time to get everything done at the moment. So busy! I think part of the problem is this energy-sapping heat. I’m really looking forward to cool autumn days.
    Susie is very pretty, reminds me a lot of Tyke (RIP), one of the first cats in my life.

  3. Finally found time to read this post (what were you saying on the subject of rapidly vanishing Time ???!!!) and yes, the pics of snoozing Suzie were balm to my frazzled state. More cat-naps all round. Should be mandatory.

    • I’m with you, Alison. I grew up with mandatory ‘rest time’ after lunch, and although I sometimes rebelled, particularly once I twigged that it was actually an excuse to keep me quiet, so that the adults could get some much-earned rest too! Now that the years are advancing, I sometimes yearn for those days of guilt-free post-lunch or pre-teatime catnaps.

    • Years ago whenever I visited my grandparents home in Germany all you could hear was the clock ticking at that time of day. On one visit, my dad and I slipped out of the house to find an open Konditorei where he could have a beer and I could enjoy some tea and cake. Back then, the idea of an afternoon break time seemed like such an archaic practice.

      We call it ‘quiet time’ now in my household and it’s been mandatory ever since my sons were little. They dreaded it when they were young as does my grandson when he is here. It’s an absolute sanity-saver if there are children in the household. We also have it at the preschool where I work.

      It now makes so much sense to me to have that ‘full stop’ in the middle of the day. It’s an opportunity to rest and reflect on the direction the day is going in.

  4. I’m so pleased that tradition is still continuing – I believe that is the norm in mediterranean countries, where shops also close over lunchtime, primarily because of the heat. Even in some rural areas of South Africa and Namibia, you will often find shops (except the large chain stores, of course) shutting down for an hour or two around midday. It’s frustrating if you need to get stuff, but I kinda like it nonetheless…

    I like what you said about it being an opportunity to rest and reflect on the direction of the day. A good inspiration. Thanks, Amy.

  5. I often think the same Reggie – a pause button would be the perfect addition to life! Life happens so fast that actually just stopping in our tracks and looking at something for longer than a few a seconds is so important.

    I always worry that I don’t look at natures beauty or indeed my loved ones for long enough. I want to almost tattoo their image into my brain, convincing mself that I’ll never forget the sight of things that matter the most to me. A pause button would be great for this whilst I got up to speed!

    I’m drinking a milky coffee right now and enjoying a morning’s reading through friends’ blogs – but I have so much work to do for an interview next week…that again, that pause button would be magical right now!


    • I am so with you, Al.

      Life really is precious, and yet we spend so many hours running around, keeping busy, meeting commitments, trying to earn a living, or vegging out in front of the telly (though I believe you don’t have one?).

      A 10/15-minute meditation (or just sitting quietly) before going to bed or when waking up is really helpful in processing some of this ‘stuff’ we all have to deal with – and it teaches your mind to settle and to become calmer, not just while you’re sitting quietly, but also (apparently) while you’re engaged in the busy-ness of life.

      Your morning read-through of your friends’ blogs over a cup of coffee sounds so civilised, Al. I can just picture it!

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