Wanna see a rain spider’s skin after it’s moulted?

Fellow South African blogger Lisa from Notes from Africa just posted some pictures of a spider skeleton she found hanging from her garden wall. Intrigued, she sent the photos to the Spider Club, who advised that it actually looked like the skin of a female rain spider. Apparently, spiders moult regularly throughout their lives, shedding their old skin before growing a new one. The process is referred to as ecdysis. I wonder what the verb of that is?

Anyhow, I thought you might find her posts quite fascinating too, so pop on over to:

Aaaah! Spider!!!

If you’d like to know what the live version of Mrs Rain Spider looks like, I refer you to the following posts about our own Close Encounters of the Eight-Legged Kind:

1. Spiders Everywhere
2. Spider in house I
3. Spider in house II
4. Spider in house III
5. Spider in house IV
6. Spider in house V
7. Spider in house VI

A Rain Spider

8 thoughts on “Wanna see a rain spider’s skin after it’s moulted?

  1. YUK!

    I really can’t stand spiders!!!!!!!

    Thank God we don’t get tons of huge spiders here ! I really don’t know what it is about them that I don’t like – silly really!

    …but a fear is a fear!


    • Giggle… I’m sorry I scared you, Alan. 😉 Look, I’m not a huge fan of spiders either, and really object to them taking up residence inside the house, but they are amazing creatures and they’re an essential part of the ecosystem, so I’m doing my best to become more accepting of them – learning more about them does take away the fear.

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