Tuffy-cat and the open window

When my blogfriend Helen over at Walk the Cape left such a sweet comment requesting more posts about Tuffy, I proudly informed our kitty-cat that she had at least one other fan in the world (other than hubby and me, of course).

Hello... are you busy?

“Oh, that’s nice of her,” she said, elegantly stretching one of her legs up into the air like a ballerina in order to reach the tricky bits with her tongue. “I like Tom and Trixie (Helen’s cats). She always writes such nice things about them.” She looked at me, pointedly, before twisting around to get to the faaar side of her back.

“Um… So do you mind if I take some piccies of you?” I inquired, surreptitiously inching the lens-cap off the front of the lens, and hoping she wouldn’t notice. She always looks so adorable when she’s licking herself with that little pink tongue.

“Well, could you wait until after I’ve cleaned myself? I don’t stalk you with the camera when you shower or bath, do I?” she paused in her licking to glare at me.

I blushed. “Sorry, Tuffy. I know, that was rude.”

“Quite. Now put that camera away, and I’ll see you later.”

Chastened, I removed myself to the office to continue digitising some 30-year old cassette tapes. A good while later, silently working away at a document, lost in my own world, I almost leapt out of my seat, when Tuffy suddenly emitted a very loud “MREOUW” right behind me. Having announced her presence, she hopped onto the desk, next to my keyboard. I sensed that she was in one of her adventurous moods, so I grabbed the camera, and snapped away. Sometimes, she is such a performer.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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18 thoughts on “Tuffy-cat and the open window

    • Hello Clouded Marble, fellow-South-African! Welcome!

      Yes, Tuffy sure does have us well-trained. Mind you, I don’t always understand exactly what her different ‘meows’ mean, and sometimes wonder whether this causes her intense frustration!

  1. Tuffy is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her. I just discovered your blog. So varied and interesting. Great photography and superbly written posts. I’ll be back, Reggie.

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