Tuffy-Cat and the Butterfly







It took a while for these odd sounds from the lounge to be recognised by my brain. I’d been completely focused on finishing an editing job for a client, and had as usual lost track of time and filtered out the rest of reality, as happens when one sits at the computer!

What was going on there? Clearly, Tuffy-Cat was trying to get my attention.

I quietly made my way to the lounge, where the following sight greeted me: Our otherwise-so-tranquil Tuffster had just pounced onto the chair that she uses to climb in and out of the window, and her tail was whipping from side to side. Her ears twitched backwards when she heard me reach for the camera. What was she staring at with such rapt attention?

Uh-oh! A Cat and a Butterfly - trouble is brewing!

Oh my goodness!

A huge butterfly was stuck in the net curtains!

Ooh, look at this!

It was so beautiful, that I zoomed in for a close-up. Sorry, butterfly, but my blog readers will want to meet you too. You will become famous around the world. So don’t be scared of the flash. FLASH!

Pose nicely for the paparazzi, Mr Butterfly

Isn’t that just … wow?

Clearly, though, I had to help the poor thing to regain its freedom, before our many-clawed playful kitty-cat decided to play cat-and-butterfly with it. So I geeeeently moved the curtains until the path to the window was clear, and the butterfly took flight… and fluttered towards the light… and out, upwards, its wings standing out crisply against a luminous blue sky.

Tuffy senses that the fun is over... and that the Butterfly will be released into the Skies once more

Unfortunately, I needed both my hands for this manoeuvre, so there aren’t any photos of the Great Escape. But you can imagine it, can’t you?

14 thoughts on “Tuffy-Cat and the Butterfly

  1. You are so lucky only to be dealing with butterflies.
    In the last ten days I have had to deal with 1 live yellow-backed mouse, 1 dead ditto, 2 loudly squakwing starlings, 2 small dead birds (remanants – piles of feathers) & I samll unidentified brown bird – live, but shocked; all brought into the house by Chocolat who is on a Hunting Spree of note.
    I can do without this.

  2. Nice to see Tuffy on your blog again, Reggie 😉
    Glad the butterfly got away. They seldom escape the clutches of my Trixie. My list isn’t as awful as Alison’s above, but there’s still way more kittie-carnage than I’d like. I’ve had several mice but never a bird (thank goodness) but also an endless stream of geckos, skinks, lizards and the occasional snake. Also butterflies and grasshoppers on an almost daily basis. Horrible!

    • Aw, thanks, Helen. Tuffy hadn’t featured in a while. My goodness, your cats are prolific hunters too! I’m so glad that Tuffy isn’t. Or at least, she doesn’t bring her victims inside the house.

  3. Thank you, Tuffy, for finding that butterfly so Reggie could photograph it for us. Now it’s a world-wide famous butterfly! Wonder how it got in the house? Was your window wide open? Did you have a screen on it? (When we were in Europe most of the windows did not have screens…)

    • I also wonder how it got inside – perhaps it snuck in earlier when I left the door open… or perhaps it somehow got past the curtains… or perhaps Tuffy chased it inside through her window to show me what a good hunter she can be?

  4. I can just see that tail twitching! What a great image.

    I love butterflies. I once went to exhibit that featured them. There were butterflies all around the room, flying and resting on various plants and flowers on display. It was a joy to see.

    Years back a roommate of mine had a cat that used to bring live birds into the house, let them go and then would try to leap up to grab them mid-air. I had to let out many poor birds through an open door. Thankfully, they were always still alive and I never saw any dead things brought in. And they always got out alive (at least the ones I saw and rescued). That cat brought in birds at least two times its size. Not sure what that was all about…

    • Thanks, Miki. 🙂 There’s a place some distance outside Cape Town called Butterfly World, which we’ve been meaning to visit for a long time. In addition to butterflies, they also have displays of eight-legged creatures:

      “The Martin Filmer Spider Room displays indigenous and exotic spiders and scorpions in locked glass terraria and teaches the public to respect and appreciate these animals. The myths and fears surrounding these eight legged creatures are many and usually unfounded. Seeing the scary scorpion through glass, taking a good look and reading the relevant information, often create more interest than revulsion.”

      I’d first heard about the place when Richard and I attended an evening’s lecture on spiders and scorpions one Valentine’s Day in 2008 (wrote about it here). How romantic, eh? 😉 But I’ll be honest, it was fascinating.

  5. Merlin loves anything that flies. Thankfully, as a house cat, we don’t have the mice – but she loves spiders and wasps especially! I try my hardest to protect her – but I’m surprised that she’s still never been stung!

    Butterflies are stunning aren’t they!

    • Spiders and wasps? Oh goodness! That sounds dangerous! Butterflies are faaaar safer, though I certainly wouldn’t want my kitty to be chasing them either. Glad you’re protecting Merlin, she’s totally adorable.

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