Miss Milly May’s young’uns are a-growing


I stopped in my tracks, when we reached the wicker enclosure behind the main building that served as the abode of Milly May and her young’uns.

“Is it my imagination, or have they grown?”

“Nope, they’re definitely larger than last weekend!”

“At this rate, they’re not going to fit into that gap underneath the huisie anymore…”

I'm telling you - these guys have grown!

It was almost three weeks ago, that Miss Milly May, the resident pig at the Millstone Farmstall, had given birth to a litter of seven wriggly piglets. One of them had unfortunately died shortly afterwards, but three black ones and three pink ones had survived. I’d posted some pictures of these bundles of energy at the time, and six days later, another set of pictures.

Well, we popped in at the Millstone after our hike around Silvermine on Saturday to pick up some freshly baked super-moist and cocoa-rich chocolate brownies for mid-afternoon tea. And, of course, I took along the camera to get some more Happy Family snaps for the blog.

Lunch is served - the young'uns are surprisingly rough when they suckle...

I hope that Milly May is eating enough to be able to produce sufficient milk for these hungry youngsters. They’re getting more confident, feisty, playful and adventurous by the day! It looks like Aunt Clucky will have her hands… er… feathers full with this lot!


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