Aunt Clucky, the piglets and a pocket rocket

I met hubby down at the Millstone for a pre-lunch freshly squeezed orange juice and carrot juice today, and took some more pictures of Milly May’s piglets and the young foal, which was born at the end of October (see here for the first pictures).*

And I acquired two tidbits of information for you all:

  1. Apparently, the mare is known as ‘Zara‘, while the foal has been named ‘Pocket Rocket‘. What a promising name! 😀
  2. Aunt Clucky, I was informed by another regular visitor to the farmstall, used to be chased and pecked and picked on by all the roosters and hens in the yard, so she decided to seek shelter in Milly May’s pen some time ago. None of the other chickens dare to attack her when Milly is near, and in return, she now looks after Milly’s offspring. Hm… I wonder how long she is going to have any kind of authority over these feisty and pigheaded (?!) 😉 piglets? I was also told that, when a starling landed in the pen yesterday, Aunt Clucky went on the attack, feathers flying and beak a-pecking, until the terrified bird took to the air once more. Good on you, Aunt Clucky!

And you’ve been warned! 😉


Gallery of Photos


*P.S. With apologies to Brent, who is eagerly awaiting the publication of my Tattoo photos!

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