An update on Miss Milly May’s young’uns

After a week that revolved entirely around the spectacular Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010 at the Castle in central Cape Town, we finally had an opportunity to visit the Millstone Farmstall in Oude Molen Eco Village again. (If you don’t know about this place, have a look at the links below.)

I took the camera along, because I thought you might like to see some fresh piccies of Miss Milly May’s young’uns. They sure have grown in the last 6 days! Miss Milly May, in case you don’t know, is the resident pig at the Millstone, and she has just had a litter of 3 black and 3 pink piglets (see here).

We also had a little chat with Linda, who runs the Millstone, asking her about the meeting that took place last week Wednesday about the fate of Oude Molen Eco Village. Apparently, the Provincial Government (the landlord) is still trying to evict all the tenants from the village. I don’t know what exactly they are planning to do with the land, but I am deeply concerned that this little rural space will disappear in the near future.

This is one of the few places – if not the only one – within the city itself, where kids can get up close to all kinds of animals, including horses, chickens, goats, and pigs! It is always such a delight to see parents taking their toddlers and little kids down to the paddocks where the horses are grazing peacefully, or to the back where Milly May is feeding her young’uns, or through the veggie gardens behind the Millstone that generate such delicious produce. Or they can be taken for a gentle horseback amble around the village on Blitz or Tinkerbell or one of the other gentle-spirited horses.

It really would be a sad loss if this place were to disappear.

And now, I present to you: Miss Milly May and her young’uns!


Gallery of Photos

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6 thoughts on “An update on Miss Milly May’s young’uns

    • Hello ‘Jumping in mud puddles’ 😉 – Yes, I agree, it is quite extraordinary. Apparently, she is also very protective of them, and if anyone attempts to enter the pen without her approval, she launches an attack, beak out and feathers flying! Normally, though, she is quite peaceful and serene, clucking away quietly to herself, as she putters around the piglets, occasionally giving them a little peck to keep them in line, or showing them how to take a dust-bath. Who would have thought that such cross-species mothering could happen?

  1. They are really are very, very cute! I like the black ones best. I have a friend who is mad about piggies – do you think any visitor to Millstone Farmstall can see them, or is it only the ‘regulars’ like yourself? I still haven’t been there and feel it would be lovely to take my friend for tea and see piglets at the same time, if we could.

    • Hi Helen – I think *any* visitor would be allowed to see them. You can just ask one of the people working in the shop where Milly May and her piglets are, and I’m sure that they will show you. They are tucked away in a wicker enclosure behind the main building, next to the woodfired ovens. Just bear in mind that the Millstone is closed on Mondays. And let me know when you’ve been and what you think about the place – and whether you got to see the piglets! 😉

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