Rehearsals for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: Part 4

There are only two more nights left to go to the 6th Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010 at the Castle. If you haven’t gone to see it yet, book your tickets now at Computicket! At R80 – R100 a seat, and with a show that is about three hours long, including the pre-show from 19h00 onwards, this is definitely value for money, and a wonderfully colourful and spectacular event.

Here are some more pictures I took during the last day of rehearsals on Tuesday 2 November. They are mainly behind-the-scenes shots of the preparations, with only a couple of the dress rehearsal itself. I’ll upload some nice shots of the performers in their striking uniforms for the other nights once I’ve had a chance to plough through several gigabytes worth of photos. 🙂

These shots will give you a tiny glimpse of the incredible amount of work that happens behind the scenes and in the background, but without which this event would not be so spectacular.

P.S. Zoopy has placed a short video clip on the web here:


Gallery of Photos

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