Rehearsals for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: Part 3

After spending most of the weekend at the Castle, observing the rehearsals of the various acts for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010 (see here and here), Monday was another long and full day.

As the rehearsals didn’t start until after lunch, I joined my fellow ‘photies’, Brent and Lorraine, on an explorative ramble around the Castle grounds. Given the midday temperatures of over 30°C, keeping out of the sun as much as possible and drinking enough water soon became priorities.

A complete run-through of the entire programme was scheduled for the evening to iron out any last-minute difficulties, to make sure that everyone knew exactly where to enter and exit the arena, and to make sure that the sound and lighting was all in good order. It also allowed Andrew, the film-maker, to shoot enough close-up footage of the various groups, dressed up in all their finery, and of course we used the opportunity to snap some piccies too, while being very careful to keep out of the range of his film camera!

Here are some of the pictures of Monday.


Gallery of Photos

4 thoughts on “Rehearsals for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: Part 3

    • Hello Docpam, I’m glad to hear that you went tonight. I have just returned from the Castle myself; I hope you stayed until the end, or did the soft rain chase you away? I was very impressed at all the performers, because they continued to play their hearts out despite the cold and the wet.

  1. Super pics Reggie. Unfortunately don’t think I’m going to make one of the performances as I’m having a hectic week. But you’ve given me a real sense of what its like to be there, thank you. I’ve also heard the explosions!
    Will try for next year 😉

    • Hello Helen
      I am so sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make it – there are still tickets available, if you have a sudden gap, though! 🙂 But I’m pleased to hear that you are at least able to experience it vicariously through my photos.
      Tonight was a rather WET evening… after the rain held off all afternoon and until the early evening, it suddenly closed in sometime in the first half. But the vibe behind the scenes was so totally amazing, that the thought of leaving early never crossed my mind, even though I got steadily soaked. Need to get a poncho for tomorrow! And perhaps a waterproof casing for the camera?!

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