Rehearsals for the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: Part 2

The otherwise quiet and peaceful Castle in the centre of Cape Town was a hive of activity on the weekend, with the different acts hard at work, rehearsing for the 6th Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010. Opening night is TONIGHT! If you haven’t booked tickets yet, go to Computicket and do so now – you’ll regret it if you miss this spectacular event!

After a busy Saturday (see photos here), I was back at the Castle on Sunday morning, and spent the entire day and most of the evening behind the scenes, absorbing the sense of anticipation and excitement, taking photographs, waiting for things to happen, chatting with people, running up and down steps, taking more photographs, waiting a bit more, having a bite to eat, drinking lots of water because of the heat, discussing ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings with my fellow ‘photies’ Brent and Lorraine, walking around the arena looking for good vantage points, and yes, taking more photographs. Love it! 😀

Here are some photos of Sunday’s daytime rehearsals, followed by some pics of the evening’s run-through. Enjoy!


Gallery of Photos

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